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December Bankability Index: Brad Pitt Up on Slave and Counselor

December 5th, 2013

Brad Pitt is the big gainer in December's update to The Numbers Bankability Index, moving ahead of Adam Sandler and up to 7th place in our Worldwide Bankability Index chart. His move comes on the back of two films, 12 Years a Slave and The Counselor. Meanwhile, in our first extension to the chart since our launch last month, Will Smith makes an appearance in 11th place.

The Bankability Index uses analysis of the Hollywood Creative Graph to determine the most influential people in the industry. We update it each month based on the latest box office results and official film credits.

Brad Pitt has been steadily moving up the chart over the past couple of years thanks to a combination of consistent acting performances and a growing list of production credits. World War Z is his standout movie of the year overall, but credits in 12 Years a Slave (including an important producer role) and The Counselor are what counted during November. For former film will have some legs in December, which could further boost his rank; the latter has been a domestic disappointment, but done better overseas.

The other change in the chart this week is the appearance of Will Smith. This is simply down to our extension of the public chart to include 11 people instead of last month's 10. Smith stood in 11th place last month too and is unlikely to move much until Winter's Tale comes out in February.

- The Numbers Bankability Index

Bruce Nash

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