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Featured DVD Review: LeapFrog: Scout and Friends: Number Land

January 29th, 2012

LeapFrog: Scout and Friends: Number Land - Buy from Amazon

Scout the Puppy gets another DVD, the latest in the LeapFrog franchise of educational videos. I've reviewed some previous releases, so how does this one compare? And is it worth picking up?

The Movie

The show begins in the garden, with something destroying the place. We can't see who it is, because they are underground. When Scout, Violet, Penny, and Eli show up, they are dismayed over the huge mess that was caused by... a gopher. Now they need to get the rows in the right order so they can plant the seeds for Mr. Rabbit, or there won't be enough food for him to share. However, none of them now how to count. Is there anyplace to go to learn to count? If there is Axle can get them there. Axle drives the four friends to a place called Number Land where they can learn how to count. Once there they meet Max the Monkey, who is running late. They offer to give him a ride, while they all learn about the numbers found in number land. They also help the numbers they meet plan a surprise party, because it's someone's birthday.

The Extras

The Sing-Along section has the five songs from the main program, while there are a couple more songs in Sing With Us! The Band. This is in line with other LeapFrog releases.

The Verdict

The price-per-minute for the LeapFrog: Scout and Friends: Number Land DVD is rather high compared to most preschool shows. However, the educational value is also higher than most preschool shows. There are several songs here that should help kids learn to count, and if you liked the previous DVD releases from the franchise, this one should be worth picking up as well.

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