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DVD Sales: New Releases have the Courage to Stand up to Holdovers

January 31st, 2012

It was a mixed week on the home market as far as new releases were concerned. On the one hand, four of the top five spots on the DVD sales chart were new releases. On the other hand, they were the only new releases to reach the top 30. Courageous was the best of the bunch selling 381,000 units and generating $6.47 million in opening week sales. Abduction was well back in second place with 195,000 units sold and $2.93 million in sales. The film had horrible reviews, weak box office numbers, and now a poor showing on the home market. Ides of March opened in third place with 180,000 units / $3.06 million during its opening week. It was an inexpensive movie to make, while it is doing relatively better on Blu-ray, so I think the studio will be happy with its home market debut. Moneyball fell from first to fourth with 175,000 units / $3.16 million during the week giving it totals of 627,000 units / $10.84 million after two. Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain rounded out the top five with 118,000 units / $1.54 million, which is fantastic for this type of release. Then again, most stand-up concert films don't have a theatrical run, so it might be an unfair comparison.


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