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DVD Sales: Real as Tough as Steel

February 8th, 2012

This was not a deep week for new releases, as only two of them cracked the top 30. (One major new release was only released as a Blu-ray / DVD combo pack, so we will get to those numbers shortly.) We did have a new number one on the DVD sales chart, as Real Steel sold 691,000 units and generated $12.03 million in revenue. This is not a great start, but it performed better on Blu-ray. Courageous was pushed to second place with 188,000 units / $3.20 million for the week for totals of 599,000 units / $10.18 million after two. It was an inexpensive movie to make, so this is a great result so far. 50/50 placed third with 165,000 units / $2.47 million. This is not a huge number, but the film only cost $8 million to make, so the studio should be happy. Moneyball held strong and remained in fourth place with 132,000 units / $2.41 million for the week for totals of 773,000 units / $13.50 million after three. Abduction fell to fifth place with 88,000 units / $1.33 million for the week and 298,000 units / $4.49 million after two. It continues to disappoint.

No other new releases made the chart.


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