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Featured TV on DVD Review: The Adventures Of Chuck And Friends: Friends To The Finish

February 13th, 2012

The Adventures Of Chuck And Friends: Friends To The Finish - Buy from Amazon

The Adventures Of Chuck And Friends is a preschool show from HubBub, a block of kids shows on Hub, which is a cable channel that is a joint venture from Discovery and Hasbro. The network has many popular shows, including Transformers: Prime, R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, and of course My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The Adventures Of Chuck And Friends is obviously aimed at a much younger audience than those shows, and Friends To The Finish has competition from many preschool shows that release DVDs on a regular basis. So can it compete and will preschoolers enjoy the show?

The Show

  1. Race to the Race
    Chuck is a young dump truck who dreams of being a racer, like his brother, Rally. He's in luck, as Rally has come by and is going to be in a race. Chuck and his friends, Bigs, a monster truck; Boomer, a firetruck; and Handy, a tow truck, want to watch the race, but when Bigs gets stuck in the mud on the way to the race, they might miss it.
  2. The Best
    After Rally wins a major race, Chuck and his friends, Rowdy, a dump truck; Digger, a backhoe; and Bigs, who we met before, decide to make their own trophy. But who will keep it? They will have a race, of course. Maybe even several races.
  3. Chuck's Big Break
    Rally's coach, named Coach, shows up and gives Chuck some advice to become the best racer ever. He gets the help of his friends, but will they give him good advice.
  4. Game On
    Games Trailer stops by and Chuck and friends are excited to see, and test, the latest game: Road Ruckus. But when the game breaks down, they decide to recreate the game in real life on their local track.
  5. Revving Up Rally
    Rally is back home, but it's not a happy occasion, because he's in a slump and he doesn't know why. Chuck and his friends try to help him figure out what's wrong.
  6. Grandpa Treadwell
    Chuck's Grandpa coming to town. He tells his friends that Grandpa Treadwell was an award winning truck. Chuck and his friends try and help Grandpa Treadwell get back into competition shape, but while they try to make him stronger, faster, and cooler, Grandpa teaches them what makes a truck a real winner.
  7. Chuck Backs Up
    Chuck wants to check out the new halfpipe at the track. However, he's got to do his regular maintenance first. When he skips out, he manages to get stuck in reverse and he doesn't want to tell his dad what happened.
  8. Need for Speed
    Chuck and his friends are trying to make super fast toy truck that can jump really far. Their first attempt doesn't work out so well. When a new kid in town, Spin (a cement truck) makes fun of their toy, Flip gets mad and makes a bet that their truck can beat his super special one. Now Chuck, Boomer, and Flip have to figure out how to make their toy go fast enough to win.
  9. Vertie's Stunt Show
    Chuck's uncle Vertie is a stunt driver and he's come to town to put on a show. And he wants Chuck to be in the show! But first he has to learn difficult trick. While Chuck and Bigs keep practicing, Flip just wants to play.
  10. Dancing Wheels
    Chuck and friends meet Chassie, a new girl. She's really into dancing, and she and her team have an audition. She wants to know if the guys want to help her dance, but the guys are into racing in the mud. However, one by one they start dancing with Cassie and have a lot of fun. Maybe they can show Cassie that racing is fun, while Chuck feels left out.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

The Adventures Of Chuck And Friends is a fun show. It doesn't try to teach kids stuff like Dinosaur Train. Sure, there are lessons about trying your best, trying new things, etc., but it is mostly just fun. The price-per-minute for Friends To The Finish is better than average and while the lack of extras is disappointing, it is still good value compared to most similar releases.

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