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Featured TV on DVD Review: Dinosaur Train: Eggstravaganza

February 13th, 2012

Dinosaur Train: Eggstravaganza - Buy from Amazon

I've reviewed many Dinosaur Train DVDs in the past and they are one of the best preschool shows around, in my opinion. The latest DVD release, Eggstravaganza has eight eleven minute segments, starting with...

The Show

  1. The Egg Stealer?
    Buddy and Don are playing tag when they come across eggs scattered on the beach. Mrs. Pteranodon gets Buddy and Don to gather the eggs and build them a nest while she tries to find the mother. But after they do that, the eggs start to disappear. Who is the culprit?
  2. Hatching Party
    Tiny and Buddy are going with Mrs. Pteranodon to a Hatching Party. While they are traveling there, we hear from a lot of mothers talking about eggs, including Mr. Conductor's mom. (When she shows a picture of Mr. Conductor as an egg, there's a little conductor hat beside one of the eggs.)
  3. Tank's Baby Brother
    Tank Triceratop is about to have a new baby brother, so Buddy and Tiny are going there to watch the egg hatch; however, it's Mrs. Pteranodon that's the most excited to see the eggs hatch. Not everyone is excited, as Tank is worried people will stop paying attention to him.
  4. Diamond Anniversary
    It's Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon's anniversary, but neither one knows what to get the other for their anniversary. The kids help out, but they have to keep the gifts secret from the others. Buddy and Tiny go with their father into a sea cave and they learn how caves are formed.
  5. Nursery Car
    The entire Pteranodon family is on the Dinosaur train, and it is a special trip as it is the first run with the Nursery Car. But while they are on the train, there are a series of aftershocks and some of the passengers get worried.
  6. All Kinds of Families
    Buddy is a little sad, because he's the only T-rex in his family. He also doesn't know any other dinosaurs who are adopted. However, Mrs. Pteranodon heard one of their friends just adopted a new dinosaur, so she, Buddy, and Tiny go off to visit them.
  7. A Sea Turtle Train
    Shiny and Tiny are walking along the beach when they see a group of eggs hatching. They are sea turtles. When the turtles tell them they don't know where their mom is, Shiny and Tiny are really upset. So Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon take them on the Dinosaur Train so they can learn about the sea turtles.
  8. The Good Mom
    Shiny and Tiny and pretending to be moms when they get into an argument about which one is a better mom. They go on the Dinosaur Train and learn about the Maiasaura, which means Good Mother.

The Extras

Extras include more segments with Dr. Scott D. Sampson the Paleontologist, as well as DVD Rom printable pages.

The Verdict

Dinosaur Train is my favorite preschool show I've gotten a chance to review, because it is the most educational. I actually learn something every time I watch. It is also entertaining enough to keep kids' attention while they learn. At just $10, Eggstravaganza is easily worth adding to your collection.

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