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Featured TV on DVD Review: The Penguins of Madagascar: Operation Get Ducky

February 13th, 2012

The Penguins of Madagascar: Operation Get Ducky - Buy from Amazon

This is the fifth The Penguins of Madagascar DVD I've reviewed in total and the second I've reviewed in the past five weeks. Strange. Operation Get Ducky is back to the usual format, i.e. several shorts randomly connected and smacked together on one DVD. So what shorts are found on the DVD?

The Show

  1. Paternal Egg-stinct
    Marlene finds an egg in her habitat and wants the Penguins to take care of it till it hatches. It is the job of the male of the species to take care of the eggs. However, King Julien wants the egg for his own, to raise as an heir.
  2. Hard Boiled Eggy
    Eggy returns and he really, really wants to complete his training as a secret agent. However, neither his mother nor the Penguins think he has what it takes. Skipper agrees to take him on as a recruit, in order to convince him he'd be better off in another occupation.
  3. April Fools
    King Julien is introduced to April Fools. ... You can probably guess what happens next.
  4. Siege The Day
    Eggy is back, again, this time with his brothers and sisters. Private is in charge of babysitting them, which he thinks will be an easy job. However, they are more than a handful.
  5. Operation: Neighbor Swap
    King Julien is driving the Penguins nuts with his loud music, so they hack the computer and have him sent to the petting zoo and replace him with Roger.
  6. Otter Gone Wild
    The Penguins are going out for Sno-Cones to celebrate completing their cleaning duties in record time. They invite Marlene, but when she finds out they will be leaving the zoo, she panics. She was born in captivity and has never left the zoo. The Penguins convince her she will be safe with them. They are not 100% right on that point.
  7. Two Feet High and Rising
    King Julien bans anyone from touching his feet. Of course, this only really affects Mort. When Mort can't resist, he's banished from Julien's Kingdom. But Marlene tries to help him overcome his foot obsession.
  8. Sting Operation
    The Penguins are freaking out because there is an invading force attacking the zoo: a hornets nest. They can't take on the hornets, so they use Mort. But Mort has no brains, so he can't complete the mission. So in order to complete the mission, they suck out their own brains to be immune to pain like Mort is. There is zero chance this plan will work.

The Extras

There are no extras on this DVD, not unless you count the jukebox, which is on nearly every Dreamworks DVD.

The Verdict

The Penguins of Madagascar: Operation Get Ducky has more hits than misses out of the eight shorts on the DVD and overall is better than average for the series. The lack of extras continues to be a problem, but if you liked the previous releases, this one is also worth picking up.

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