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Featured TV on DVD Review: Team Umizoomi: Umigames

June 3rd, 2012

Team Umizoomi: Umigames - Buy from Amazon

The latest Team UmizoomiDVD release, Umigames, has an Olympic theme to it, to celebrate the Summer Olympics that are happening this summer.

The Show

  • The Umi Sports Games
    Team Umizoomi is participating in the Umi Sports Games. They will have to beat robots specifically designed to play soccer, swim, play basketball, and cycle. They will need your help to win.
  • Boardwalk Games
    While walking along the boardwalk, the gang meet Ryan, who is trying to win a super flying toy helicopter. They agree to help him win it, by winning the various boardwalk games, like wack-a-fruit!
  • Crazy Skates
    The episode starts with Milli and Geo rollerskating. They ask Bot to join him, but he accidentally puts on red Crazy Skates and now he can't stop. Team Umizoomi always helps others, but now they need to help one of their own.
  • Carnival
    While Jake is at the carnival with his school, he looses his favorite stuffed bunny. He calls on Team Umizoomi to help him find it. To find it, they will have to retrace Jake's steps, but it's a big carnival.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

Have I mentioned this show has a really catchy theme song? Team Umizoomi: Umigames is very typical of preschool educational shows, in that it relies on brightly colored animation, catchy songs, and repetition to teach kids. It stands out because it focuses on math instead of the usual vocabulary. There are no extras on the DVD, but the price-per-minute is still on par with other releases of this genre.

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