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International Box Office: Dark Knight's Limited Release Roars to the Top

July 26th, 2012

Some international numbers were late in reporting, others are still limited to studio estimates, but it is clear which film came out on top. The Dark Knight Rises only opened in 17 markets, but that was still enough to earn first place during its first weekend in international release. It managed $88 million on 7,173 screens in those 17 markets, with the U.K. leading the way with $22.23 million on 594 screens. South Korea was next with $15.65 million on 1,210 (including $12.90 million over the weekend proper), while Australia was right behind with $15.50 million on 628. It was not quite as potent in Spain, but it still earned first place with $4.17 million on 624 screens. The film will more than triple its market count this coming weekend with debuts in France, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and many smaller markets, so it should rise even further.

Ice Age: Continental Drift returned to second place with $56.29 million on 13,796 screens in 67 markets for totals of $440.39 million internationally and $529.23 million worldwide. The film had no major market openings this week, but held strong in Russia with $9.51 million on 2,090 screens for a total of $33.51 million. Continental Drift opens in South Korea this weekend and in Italy in September, so it should hit $500 million internationally and close to $700 million worldwide. This is less than the previous installment, but more than enough to virtually guarantee yet another installment in the franchise.

The Amazing Spider-Man added $29.32 million on 13,239 screens in 73 markets. It is very close to $400 million internationally ($384.91 million) while it has crossed $600 million worldwide ($613.52 million). The film is coasting on holdovers, but it did earned $2.96 million on 754 screens over the weekend in Brazil for a total of $23.50 million after three. In Mexico, it managed $2.30 million on 1,504 screens over the weekend for a total of $24.38 million, also after three weeks of release.

Brave returned to the international chart in fourth place with $20.4 million on 4,282 screens in 24 markets for a still early international total of $73.11 million. It topped the charts in Mexico with $5.43 million on 1,699 screens and in Brazil with $3.81 million on 702 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $5.43 million. On the other hand, it bombed in Japan with $1.89 million on 563 screens, which was only enough for sixth place. It will make enough money to earn a profit, but it is not as strong as hoped for.

The Four held on remarkably well down just 15% to $11.04 million. It has earned $24.10 million in two markets after two weeks of release, but like most Chinese films, no details were given.

Painted Skin: The Resurrection was next with $9.24 million in 5 markets over the weekend for a total of $111.79 million after four. One would assume most of this was earned in its native market, China, but no details were given.

Umizaru 4: Brave Hearts slipped a spot to second in Japan and seventh internationally with $7.09 million on 450 screens over the weekend. It has now made $35.52 million in its native market.

Caught In The Web rose a spot to eighth place with $6.46 million. It has made $23.10 million in China after three weeks of release.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted returned to the top ten in ninth place with $6.31 million on 4,546 screens in 40 markets for totals of $282.66 million internationally and $490.29 million worldwide. The film has yet to open in Spain, Japan, Italy, Australia, Germany, and the U.K., so it will continue to pull in a ton of cash.

Rounding out the top ten was yet another Chinese film, Bunshinsaba, with $5.03 million.

If we look further down the list we see The Dictator in 16th place with $3.00 million on 1,520 screens in 37 markets, pushing its total past the century mark to $102.29 million after more than two months of release. It was an expensive movie to make, but it could break even on the home market, eventually.


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