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Celeste and Jesse Kill the Competition on the Per Theater Chart

August 7th, 2012

Celeste and Jesse Forever opened in four theaters and earned just over $100,000 for an average of $26,946. This suggests a strong potential to expand. Killer Joe did expand going from three to fourteen theaters, but its theater average dipped roughly 8% to $11,647. That's an amazing hold and bodes well for the film's future.

The rest of the new limited releases were not as strong. 360 did acceptable business with an average of $6,093 in two theaters. It should find more theaters to play in, but it won't expand significantly. You've Been Trumped opened with $4,497 in its lone theater. This is okay for a limited release, but nothing more. On the other hand, it was epic compared to the next three films. The Babymakers opened with $5,215 in ten theaters. Had it made $5,215 in one theater it would have been a fine start, but an average of $522 is beyond terrible. Sushi: The Global Catch was even worse with $516 in one theater. Finally, Soldiers of Fortune earned just under $25,000 in 50 theaters for an average of $500.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple Per Theater Chart alumni:


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