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Featured TV on DVD Review: Doc McStuffins: Friendship Is The Best Medicine

August 19th, 2012

Doc McStuffins: Friendship Is The Best Medicine - Buy from Amazon

Doc McStuffins is an animated TV series aimed at preschoolers that began earlier this year. It is making its DVD debut this week. So what is the show like? And how does the DVD compare to other shows aimed at the same target demographic?

The Show

The show focuses on a six-year old girl, Dottie McStuffins. Her mother is a doctor and Dottie wants to be a doctor as well, so much so, that everyone calls her Doc McStuffins. When she puts on her stethoscope, her toys come to life and she helps them with their ailments, but she has to keep that secret from everyone, including her younger brother, Donny. Each episode is divided into two shorter segments.

  1. Engine Nine, Feeling' Fine!
    Donny's toy fire engine, Lenny, keeps running out of water, so he decides he's broken and puts him on the broken toy pile. Doc and her helpers, Stuffy the dragon, Lambie the Lamb, and Hallie the hippo, give him a checkup to see what's wrong.
  2. The Right Stuff
    While adventuring for a sparkly ball, Stuffy starts losing stuffing. He doesn't want to let anyone know there's something wrong, because a brave dragon shouldn't run for help when they get hurt.
  3. Caught Blue-Handed
    Chilly, the hypochondriac snowman, has blue spots on his back. This is the first time something has actually been wrong with him and he's not just panicking over nothing. It isn't long before many toys start finding blue spots all over them. What could be causing it?
  4. To Squeak, or Not to Squeak
    After Doc and Marvin, her squeaky duck, get into a water fight with her brother, he can't squeak anymore. He needs help, but how can he help Doc figure out what is wrong with him when he can't talk any more?
  5. Ben / Anna Split!
    While Doc is playing Monkey Tag with Donny and Donny's friend, Alma, her hugging monkey toy, Ben and Anna is damaged. The Velcro strip on Ben falls off and now the pair can't hug anymore. Can Doc fix him up? Or will they forever remain apart?
  6. That's Just Claw-Ful
    Emmie and Alma bring their new puppy, Rudi, over to Doc's place. Rudi is an excitable puppy and runs off with Hermie, a wind-up hermit crab. When they find it, he's missing one of his claws. Doc is able to reattach it right away, but he has no strength in his claw. What can she to to help him recover?
  7. The Rip Heard Round the World
    Doc and Lambie are performing some ballet when she accidentally rips Lambie. She's devastated that she ripped her her toy, but it is even worse when she realizes it won't be easy to fix. In fact, she might not be able to fix her at all. She might need to get professional help.
  8. Walkin-Talkin Time
    Donny and his friend, Henry, are trying to spy in on Doc, but their walkie-talkies aren't working. Doc doesn't have any patients, but Donny's walkie-talkie, Walter, comes in. He's looking for Gracie, the other walkie-talkie. Doc figures out that he is missing his antenna, but knowing it is missing and finding it are two different things.
  9. The Dark Knight
    Doc and her toys are having a sleepover, and Sir Kirby, one of the Donny's toys, is joining them. He's a brave knight, but he has a secret, he is afraid of the dark. He's devastated and resigns as a brave knight. Doc and the rest of the toys try to help him get over his fear.
  10. Hallie Gets an Earful
    While playing hide and seek, Stuffy accidentally runs into Chilly. They have to stop the game to give him a check-up. However, it's Hallie that appears to be sick. She can't hear anything.

The Extras

There are no extras on the disc, but the DVD comes with an activity book with stickers, maze, connect-the-dots, and more.

The Verdict

Doc McStuffins is a fun show that is bright and colorful with a message about staying healthy, conquering your fears, knowing when to ask for help, etc. Friendship Is The Best Medicine has a better price-per-minute than most shows aimed at the same target demographic, plus an activity book for when they are not watching TV. It's worth picking up.

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