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Weekend Wrap-Up: New Releases Go Silent

September 10th, 2012

Yuck. The overall box office this past weekend was not only the worst of the year so far, but it was the worst we've seen in more than a decade. Not only did the box office have a decade of inflation, but also a decade of population growth, which makes this result even more depressing. The Possession was the only bright spot in the top ten. Both The Words and The Cold Light of Day missed the Mendoza Line during their opening weekend. Overall, the box office plummeted 35% to just $67 million. Compared to last year, the box office fell by 17%. It's a disaster. 2012 is still ahead of 2011 by 3.3% at $7.70 billion to $7.45 billion. Things will have to get better next weekend, so hopefully we will never have to think about this weekend again.

The Possession remained in top spot thanks in part to a better than expected hold, as it fell just 47%, which was great given its genre and its reviews. Over the weekend, it added $9.32 million to its running tally, which now sits at $33.17 million. It could get to $50 million, which would be enough to be considered a solid midlevel hit. In fact, it has already made enough to suggest it will break even by its initial push into the home market, if not sooner.

Lawless held on even better, down just 40% to just $6.01 million over the weekend for a total of $23.53 million after two. It is very close to matching original expectations and as long as it didn't cost too much more to make that estimated, it should break even sooner rather than later.

The Expendables 2 matched weekend predictions perfectly with $4.95 million and how has $75.62 million after four weeks of release. It should remain in the top five one more week and finish its run with close to $90 million. This is a little less than its predecessor, but enough to justify making another installment in the franchise.

The Words missed even the low end of expectations with just $4.75 million in 2801 theaters. Its opening weekend per theater average was just $1,696, or well below the Mendoza Line. This low per theater average will mean theater owners will drop the film as soon as possible, while its terrible reviews will likely result in an even faster decline. By October, it will be all but gone from theaters.

ParaNorman remained in the top five one last weekend with $4.20 million giving it a total of $45.45 million after four weeks of release. It should top $50 million in total, but it is a middling hit and no more.

The Bourne Legacy fell out of the top five with $3.97 million; however, it did get to $100 million in total and after a month of release it has $103.63 million.

The Cold Light of Day missed the top ten during the weekend debuting in 13th place with $1.83 million. Its per theater average was an anemic $1,212 and with just 8% positive reviews, it will likely disappear next weekend.

The Raiders of the Last Ark only managed 14th place with $1.67 million; however, its per theater average was $6,269, which was the best in the top 30. IMAX theater owners were likely happy, but I don't think studios will want to risk converting more catalogue titles to IMAX.

The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure was the only sophomore film to miss the top five, and it only managed 50th place with $44,000 over the weekend. That was 90% lower than its opening weekend, but it also saw its theater count fall from 2,160 to just 281.


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