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Featured TV on DVD Review: Martha and Friends: Holiday Collection

October 24th, 2012

Martha and Friends: Holiday Collection - Buy from Amazon

Martha Stewart has made a career of making people feel inadequate about their home decorating techniques, cooking skills, and dinner party planning abilities. I can't be the only one to see her fold a napkin and assume it's witchcraft. (Although after years of practice, I've perfected origami snowballs.) Martha and Friends is an animated kids series that focuses on four kids, and their two dogs, who enjoy the same types of crafts Martha is known for. This DVD includes three episodes that focuses on the three holidays of this season, starting with...

The Show

  1. Martha's Halloween
    Hannah, Lily, and Martha are making their Halloween costumes while Kevin is working on a script for a horror movie. They agree to help make the movie and set up a party for an important scene. They find the perfect spot, in an old barn in the woods. However, after the party ends, they can't find their two dogs, Skarky and Francesca, who have wandered off into the scary woods.
  2. Martha's Thanksgiving
    They are preparing for Thanksgiving, but the kids admit the holiday is rather boring for kids. But not this year, as Martha has some ideas to liven things up, including trivia turkey placecards. But when the younger family members arrive, Martha has to figure a way to keep the younger kids entertained.
  3. Martha & the Christmas Tree
    Martha is trying to win a tree-trimming competition and with more than 200 different ornaments on the tree, she's sure she will win. They are on a very tight schedule, but when a friend from school calls with a Christmas party emergency, they rush off to help. They will still have time to decorate a tree, if nothing else delays them. Then...

The Extras

Extras start with four webisodes, each about three minutes long. There is also a .pdf of recipes and crafts.

The Verdict

Martha and Friends: Holiday Collection has three episodes each focuses on a different holiday from this time of year. The price-per-minute is about on par with similar TV on DVD releases, while there are nearly two-dozen crafts and recipes to follow as well.

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