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International Box Office: Skyfall is Bond's Biggest Hit

November 15th, 2012

For the third weekend in a row, Skyfall remained in first place on the international chart with $89.08 million on 11,909 screens in 80 markets for a total of $429.63 million. This is the biggest international total for the franchise and it is very close to topping the worldwide total of all of the pre-Daniel Craig Bond films. Worldwide, the film has $520.19 million and is on pace to add at least $200 million more, likely $300 million to its worldwide total before it is done. There were no major market openings this weekend, but the film did become the biggest non-3D release in the U.K. with $114.50 million, including $16.61 million on 589 screens this past weekend. It is fifth on the all-time chart in that market, but it likely overtook Toy Story 3 ($116 million) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 ($117 million) already. Up next is Titanic at $127 million and Avatar at $149 million. I wouldn't be willing to bet money it would become the all time leader, but I also wouldn't bet money against it.

Cold War earned second place with $16.80 million in 4 markets. Most of this came from China, but it also earned $1.63 million on 43 screens in its native Hong Kong.

Hotel Transylvania slipped to third place with $12.06 million on 5,223 screens in 58 markets for totals of $130.47 million international and $271.43 million worldwide. It debuted in first place in Italy with $3.08 million on 586 screens. It isn't quite done its international run and it already has made more than enough money to justify a sequel.

Argo reached the top ten on the international chart for the first time in its run with $12.0 million in 36 markets for a total $27.2 million. The film opened in a number of major markets, but the results were mixed, to be generous. It earned third place in the U.K. with $2.05 million on 331 screens and third place in Mexico with $539,000 on 322. It only managed fourth place in Italy with $1.04 million on 297 screens. It was stuck in sixth place in Russia with $810,000 on 495 screens, in Germany with $469,000 on 151, and in Brazil with $436,000 on 102.

Wreck-It-Ralph remained in fifth place with $11.6 million on 4,796 screens in 21 markets for $27.8 million after two weeks of release. This includes its debut in China, but we don't have details.

A Werewolf Boy rose to sixth place internationally while it remained in first place in South Korea with $8.75 million on 854 screens over the weekend for a total of $23.31 million after two.

Astérix And Obélix: God Save Britannia fell to seventh place with $6.32 million on 2,887 screens in 24 markets for a total of $48.71 million after nearly a month of release. In its native France, it remained in second place with $3.87 million on 794 screens over the weekend for a total of $26.85 million after four.

Tai Chi Hero fell to eighth place with $5.92 million in 6 markets for a total of $17.19 million after three weeks of release. Most of this likely came from China but like most films from that market, we have no information on individual markets.

Cloud Atlas reached the top ten for the first time in its run with $5.89 million on 1,728 screens in 6 markets for an early total of $11.03 million. The film debuted in first place in Russia with $4.95 million on 1,438 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $8.95 million. This is a much better start than it earned domestically, but it is a little too soon to judge. Perhaps the international numbers will be strong enough to push the film into profitability, but that is a long shot.

Paranormal Activity 4 fell from third to tenth with $5.87 million on 3,792 screens in 48 markets for a total of $77.94 million after nearly a month of release. It had no major market releases this week, but despite failing to live up to its predecessors, it has made more than enough to earn a profit and justify a sequel.


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