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2012 - Holiday Gift Guide - Part IV

December 19th, 2012

There are only a few days left till Christmas and we are officially in the panic zone for gift shopping. This week we have our final installment of our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Part I dealt with first run releases, Part II dealt with TV on DVD releases, Part III dealt with limited releases, foreign titles, and classics. This week, we deal with some music, books, games, as well as releases from the first three parts that I forgot the first time around. As always, there are quite a few in that last category. (I also use this time to burn off some releases that arrived late. This way I can get through all of the late reviews quicker than normal and actually have enough time to celebrate Christmas.)

For those who want to listen to Bond, James Bond...
Bond: Best Of James Bond 50th Anniversary - Soundtrack - Buy from Amazon
Description: A two-disc selection of 50 songs from James Bond soundtracks over the years.
Pros: This franchise has been one of the biggest around for longer than most people reading this have been alive. In that time, they've got some of the biggest artists of the day to record the theme song for each new release and this two-disc set includes some iconic songs.
Cons: The franchise has been around for 50 years and tastes in music have changed dramatically over the years and the James Bond songs reflected the tastes of the day. It would almost be impossible for someone to like all of the songs here.

For those who want the CD that saved my sanity...
The Muppets - Buy from Amazon
Description: The soundtrack to the long-awaited rebirth of the Muppets movie franchise. I very recently bought a new computer, but before I could transfer all of my files over, it crashed taking with it my media drive. This included all of the trailers, images, EPKs PR firms have sent me over the years, as well as my entire MP3 collection. I had ten days of MP3s, but after the crash I only two CDs I found sitting in the wrong folder on my main hard drive. This was one of them.
Pros: It is an amazing soundtrack featuring several new songs written for the movie ("Man or a Muppet", "Life's a Happy Song", "Me Party", etc.); a few older songs from The Muppets ("The Muppet Show Theme", "Rainbow Connection", "Mahna Mahna"); a few non-Muppet hits ("Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard", "We Built This City"); and a few older songs with a Muppet twist ("Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Forget You"). Nearly all of the songs are in my heavy rotation.
Cons: It did come out last year, so there's a chance the person already has it
On a side note, the only other CD I could find on my hard drive was Selena Gomez Kiss and Tell. It was still zipped up, and I don't use zip. I'm a little worried someone sent it to me to review and I forgot. It is better than I thought it would be.

For those who don't mind importing their music...
Peter Fox: Stadtaffe - Buy from Amazon
Description: Described by a YouTube commenter as, "German Ginger Rap". I first saw his video for "Alles neu" and decided to grab the CD while I was rebuilding my MP3 collection. (I have backup discs around here somewhere.)
Pros: The CD sold more than 1 million copies in Germany alone, and I'm not surprised. Several of the songs instantly entered my high rotation on my MP3 list, and will stay there even after I find my backups.
Cons: It wasn't released here, so you have to import it, and that means it is expensive.

For those who want that song from that Google Chrome ad...
Alex Winston: King Con - Buy from Amazon
Description: If you hang around YouTube as much as I do, then you've probably heard Alex Winston. Her song, "Velvet Elvis" is used in the Google Chrome advert focusing on Julie Deane / Cambridge Satchel. Its from her first CD, King Con, which came out in April.
Pros: Alex Winston started attracting a lot of attention in the Detroit indie music scene and her first CD contains some of her old songs, "Sister Wife" and "Velvet Elvis", as well as new songs. While those songs are good, almost the entire CD has made its way into my heavy rotation MP3 list. This is probably the best CD I've listened to since I reviewed Eliza Doolittle's debut last year.
Cons: Some have complained that it tries too hard to be quirky or that Alex Winston's singing style is a little harsh.

For those who are not yet sick of Christmas...
Lennon & Maisy - Christmas Coming Home - Buy from Amazon
Description: Lennon & Maisy became internet famous after posting a video for "Call Your Girlfriend", which has now been seen more than 11 millions times. Since then, they can been seen on Nashville starring as the daughters of Connie Britton, the lead character. They recently released their first single, Christmas Coming Home.
Pros: These two have wonderful voices and I've been looking forward to being able to buy some of their music. Also, they are Canadian, and I have a well-known Canadian bias.
Cons: While they are Canadian, you can't buy MP3s from if you are in Canada, and doesn't carry MP3s.
On a side note: You can also pick up Nashville Soundtrack, Season One, Volume One, which includes their version of "Telescope". Keep an eye on their official site for more news.

For those who want a whole album of Christmas music...
Connie Talbot - Beautiful World - Buy from Amazon: Digital Download or CD Import
Description: Connie Talbot came in second place on the first season of Britain's Got Talent, when she was just seven years old. At the age of 12, she's released her fourth album, Beautiful World.
Pros: A lot of people thought she should have won on Britain's Got Talent, and she's just gotten better as she's gotten older.
Cons: It's only available here as a digital download, so if you want the CD, you have to import it, which costs a lot more money.

For those who like their music classic...
Rush: 2112 - Buy from Amazon: CD + Audio Blu-Ray Deluxe Edition and CD + Audio Blu-Ray SUPER Deluxe Edition
Description: Rush is by far the greatest rock band to ever walk the face of the planet, and I'm not just saying that because of my aforementioned pro-Canada bias. (Although I will admit that does play a part.) 2112 was just their album and it was a daring concept album featuring the titular song, which is 22 minutes long. This is something that just wouldn't be made today.
Pros: It is widely considered one of the best prog-rock albums ever made.
Cons: The Super-Delux edition is $60. That's a lot to pay for a CD / DVD / Hardcover graphic novel. It is worth it.

For those who like their music newer than new...
Allie Goertz - Buy from Bandcamp
Description: Allie Goertz, generally goes by Cossbysweater, both for her official site and her YouTube channel. She recently had a successful Indiegogo campaign and will be recording her first album.
Pros: I don't think she's written a song I didn't like and she has an amazing voice.
Cons: As I am writing this, the album hasn't been recorded yet. It should be recorded before Christmas, but won't be done till the new year. You can buy some of her old songs on her Bandcamp page, which is likely where this album will be sold as well.

For those who missed out on our recent contest...
Tiffany Alvord - My Heart Is - Buy from Amazon
Description: Tiffany Alvord started posting songs on YouTube in 2008 and recently celebrated her 1 millionth subscriber. She also released her second album this month, My Heart Is, which we recently featured in a contest.
Pros: There's a reason she's amassed over 1 million subcribers on YouTube. Also, if you buy the physical CD from her site, you can get it signed for $4 more.
Cons: It's an EP, so there are not as many songs as on a full CD.

For those who are wondering why the economy still hasn't turned around...
Paul Krugman - End This Depression Now! - Buy from Amazon
Description: Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman's latest book is about the 2008 recession and how to fix the underlying problems. And no, it has nothing to do with confidence faeries.
Pros: Not only is Paul Krugman a Nobel Prize winner, he is also able to write about economics in a way that doesn't confuse the average person. On a depressing note, even though the recession started more than four years ago, this book is still relevant, because the people who have the political power to fix the underlying problems don't seem to understand basic concepts of macroeconomics.
Cons: Economics has become political and any time you give a gift with a political component to it, you risk alienating people.

For those who want a lighter book...
George Takei - Oh Myyy! - Buy from Amazon: Buy from Amazon
Description: George Takei turned 75 this year, but that didn't stop him from becoming a pop culture phenomenon. This book is an autobiographical account of how he became a master of social media.
Pros: The book as earned a lot of praise and it reached the top ten best selling e-books.
Cons: It's an e-book. I'd much rather have a paper copy.

For those who like their video games old school...
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Buy from Amazon: Regular Edition or Special Edition or Buy from Steam
Description: A reboot of the classic turn-based tactical role-playing strategy video game from 1994. Like the original, the player acts as the commander for XCOM, a multinational military organization dedicated to defeating an alien threat. You build your base, research the alien threat, equip your team with the latest weapons and armor, defeat the aliens, all while keeping member nations happy.
Pros: This is my favorite new game of the year, and I'm not alone in that opinion, as it has earned average scores of 89% on both Game Rankings and Metacritic. It is highly addictive and the game has amazing replay value.
Cons: While the game is addictive, there are some frustrating aspects of the game and it is easy to make a mistake that gets a unit killed. (Anyone who watches Rythian play the game knows that.) Also, there are a couple of bugs. For instance, if you are trying to set a unit to overwatch and then click reload instead of okay, you will be locked out of the controls.
On a side note: Speaking of Yogscast, if I end up buying Farming Simulator 2013, the developer owes Duncan a cut.

For those who want to fight aliens in space...
FTL: Faster Than Light - Buy from Steam
Description: Take command of a starship while trying to avoid the rebel forces to help the imperials. Along the way, you fight rebels, pirates, and some guys with whom you just have an unfortunate misunderstanding, while trying to improve your ship enough to survive the final fight. You won't.
Pros: This is an incredibly addictive game and at just $10, it is a steal. Granted, it is an indie game so it doesn't have a visual wow factor, but it has a simple premise and is very addictive.
Cons: A lot of the game is based on random luck. It truly sucks when you lose your pilot because you were trying to save a space station from spiders. Also, it is really hard to win and unlocking some of the ships is insanely difficult.

For those who like their games really new...
Don't Starve - Buy from Steam
Description: You control a lone individual in an unforgiving land. You must collect resources to improve your equipment, which will help you gather more resources, defend yourself against threats, and of course feed yourself.
Pros: Another indie game that is both rather seemingly simple and very addictive. Right now it only costs $12 for two copies of the game, so you and a friend can try not to starve the longest. My current record is 17 days. Then I was killed when I attacked a spider nest and was attacked by more spiders than I was expecting.
Cons: It is still in Beta, so it is not quite finished. You can play it now and every week or so there's a new update.

For those who like their games newer than new...
Carmageddon: Reincarnation
Description: Stainless, a U.K. video game company, released Carmageddon in 1997 and they were clearly inspired by films like Death Race 2000. They returned in 1998 with Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now. Both films earned a lot of praise from critics and gamers and were demonized by the media at large. They finally got the rights to their games and they are rebooting the franchise with Carmageddon: Reincarnation.
Pros: The original group of loonies who made the first two games (They had nothing to do with the third game, so don't worry about that.) are back and they are dedicated to making the new game just as awesome as the old game was.
Cons: They haven't finished the game yet. However, while you wait, you can go to their site and check out the site and get the old game as an app for iphones and tablets.

For those who are mourning the NHL lockout...
NHL: '13 - Buy from Amazon: Playstation 3 or X-Box 360
Description: The latest NHL game from EA sports.
Pros: There are some new skating mechanics this time around, including a more realistic skating mechanism, improved physics engine, and a better AI. The series has always produced great games and there's a chance this is the closest we will get to NHL hockey this season.
Cons: There's not a lot different from last season, so paying $50 to upgrade might not be worth it.

I was going to include The Doom That Came To Atlantic City!, but legal troubles have pushed back the release date. Short version: The game is a parody of Monopoly, but with a Cthulhu twist. It is a parody and clearly falls under fair use, but they were threatened with a lawsuit and they don't have the resources to fight. This meant the game had to be redesigned and that pushed its release date to 2013. You can still pre-order it here.

Now we get to the DVDs and Blu-ray I forgot the first time, starting with...

Technically I didn't forget this one the first time around...
Red Dwarf: Season Ten - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray
Description: The crew of the Jupiter Mining Ship Red Dwarf are back and they are still trying to get home. In the tenth season, they have to deal with dysfunctional family issues, meet Jesus, get involved in a love triangle, have to battle Simulants, and more.
Pros: One of the longest running sci-fi comedies around. I've seen every episode of every season and I still think seasons three through six represent the Golden Age of the show. Season Ten isn't quite up to that level, but it is better than seasons one and two and the best season to come out since season six. It is consistently funny and mixes throwaway jokes with those that call upon previous seasons, so long-time fans will have an extra laugh. (There's a great Lampshade Hanging moment about season eight's cliffhanger ending.)
Cons: It was just announced so I don't have details on the extras, but given the past releases, I have high hopes. Also, it doesn't come out till the 8th of January.

For those who like to hit their target...
Brave - Buy from Amazon: DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, or 3D Combo Pack
Description: The first Pixar film to have a female lead. Also the first Pixar film not set in the modern day (or the future). It focuses on the life of Merida, a princess who would rather ride her horse and shot at targets than prepare for life as a queen. When she learns she is to be married off to the firstborn son of one of the three rival clans, she gets into a fight with her mother and does something she soon regrets.
Pros: One of the best animated films of the year, it has great characters, a fun story, amazing animation, both in 2D and 3D. The DVD / Blu-ray were loaded with extras.
Cons: It's a Pixar movie. While for many years that was a major selling point, it is now a liability, because it sets such high expectations. Being an amazing animated film is not longer enough and if Pixar releases a movie that isn't an Oscar contender for Best Picture, it will be unfairly compared to the best the studio has to offer.

For those who like their animation of the stop-motion kind...
ParaNorman - Buy from Amazon: DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, or 3D Combo Pack
Description: Norman is your average kid, except he can see and talk to ghosts. This has made him an outcast in his town, but soon he learns there is a curse on the town, and he will be the only one who can stop it.
Pros: This was one of the best-reviewed animated films of the year. It is especially appealing to adults who grew up on horror films, as there are a lot of loving homages in the film. The film looks and sounds fantastic on Blu-ray and the extras are good.
Cons: The extras are good, but not not great. Also, stop-motion animation is still a niche market.

For those who like their stop-motion animation a little more British...
Pirates! Band of Misfits - Buy from Amazon: DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, or 3D Combo Pack
Description: Pirate Captain is the captain of a pirate ship, but while his crew is jolly, they are not very good at pillaging. They need to get good, if they want to win the Pirate of the Year competition.
Pros: This is a very funny, very goofy animation that never found an audience in theaters. The Blu-ray and 3D combo packs have plenty of extras, which is great, because I was worried the studio would skimp out on extras because of its box office struggles.
Cons: It has a British sense of humor, which could explain why it didn't find an audience here.

For those who like their stop-motion animation a little more "Huh?"...
The Adventures of Mark Twain - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray
Description: Mark Twain goes on an adventure with three of his most famous fictional characters. The quartet travel by hot air balloon to Halley's Comet and along the way meet Satan.
Pros: I really wanted to get a chance to watch this movie before including it here, but the screener never arrived. It is a cult film and it not very well known. Its most famous scene has Mark Twain and the kids going to Hell and talking to Satan. If you hang out on the internet too much, then you've probably seen it. There are not a lot of reviews online, but it sounds like the kind of film that will appeal to adults as well. The Blu-ray has lots of extras for a film that is mostly forgotten.
Cons: It is low budget compared to the other stop-motion animated film on this list.

For those who want an ever lesser known film...
Miami Connection - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray
Description: This is a B-movie... a D-movie action film made in 1987, but it was never released to the public till this year. It is written, directed, and stars a motivational speaker, Y.K. Kim, who apparently only saw six movies before making this one.
Pros: This is not a good movie, but it is destined to be a cult classic. If you know someone who is a fan of bad action movies, this is one they will want to see. The DVD and Blu-ray are also loaded with extras, although the picture and sound quality are not up to par for a high definition release.
Cons: It's a bad movie, so unless you know someone who is a fan of bad movies...

How did I forget this one?...
Cinderella - Buy from Amazon: Blu-ray Combo Pack or Limited Edition Collectible Jewelry Box
Description: Disney's return to feature-length animation. It tells the story of an orphan being raised by an evil step-mother and her two spoiled step-sisters. When the King forces Prince Charming to choose a bride, at a Royal Ball, it is Cinderella's chance to escape her life. However, she will need help from her fairy godmother, and some talking animals.
Pros: This film is widely considered a classic, and for good reason. It looks and sounds fantastic on Blu-ray, many of which were made for this Blu-ray release. The Limited Edition set includes the two direct-to-DVD movies, as well as lots of physical extras.
Cons: It is old-fashioned, and not always in a good way. For instance, I prefer female leads that are more proactive and have inner strength.

For those who are adults, but only chronologically...
Ted - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray Combo Pack
Description: There are a lot of movies about kids who find a magic toy or are granted a wish or go on a magical adventure. This film tells the story of what happens when one of those kids grows up and their magical talking teddy bear grows up with them.
Pros: With this movie, Seth MacFarlane wrote himself a blank check for his next film. It cost $50 million to make, which is admittedly a lot for a comedy, but it clocked in with over $500 million worldwide. The film earned good reviews and the extras are also very good.
Cons: The movie isn't great and it is definitely a Seth MacFarlane film, so if you don't like his style, you won't like this movie.

For those who need more than 2 girls...
Girls: Season One - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray
Description: This HBO show looks at a group of four 20-something women and their various bad decisions.
Pros: The show's creator is Lena Dunham, who previously wrote, directed, and starred in Tiny Furniture. It is also produced by Judd Apatow, so it has a great pedigree. Its reviews and Awards Season success shows it lived up to its pedigree.
Cons: I'm still waiting for the screener, so I can't comment on extras. Also, like I mentioned with 2 Broke Girls on Part II, this is a crass show and that has turned off some people.

For those who think 2 Girls is too many...
Lost Girl: Season One - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray
Lost Girl: Season Two - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray
Description: Anna Silk stars as Bo, a young lady who grew up in an adoptive family. She learns she is actually a member of the Fae, specifically a succubus, after she accidentally kills the first boy she ever loved. She runs away from home and later teams up with Ksenia Solo, but being a Fae is more complicated than she thinks.
Pros: A Canadian show that has earned strong reviews and even earned Ksenia Solo a Gemini Award. Fans of Buffy or Sanctuary should enjoy this show.
Cons: There are not a lot of extras on the DVD / Blu-ray releases.

Speaking of Sanctuary...
Sanctuary: The Complete Series - Buy from Amazon
Description: Amanda Tapping stars as Dr. Helen Magnus, a leader of a group dedicated to helping cryptids, or Abnormals, find a place where they are safe.
Pros: This is very good show that was unfortunately canceled after four seasons. There are lots of extras and the show looks and sounds great on high definition.
Cons: There are no new extras on the box set, so you are just paying for a new box and the individual seasons have deeper discounts at the moment.

For those who want Bedeviled mixed with Turn Me On, Dammit!...
Excision - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray
Description: AnnaLynne McCord stars as Pauline, your not typical teenager. At home she has to deal with her disapproving Mother, while she is an outcast at school and is obsessed with a boy she thinks is unobtainable. The only one who cares for her is her younger sister, Grace, who has Cystic Fibrosis and is in need of a lung transplant. Pauline believes she is the only one who can save her sister's life. Unfortunately, she's crazy.
Pros: The film earned excellent reviews and many genre critics praised AnnaLynne McCord's performance, not to mention the level of gore in the movie.
Cons: It is a difficult film to watch and there are not a lot of extras on the DVD or Blu-ray. (On the other hand, $15 for a Blu-ray is cheap.)

For those who want a one of the best looking better than it ever has before...
Sunset Boulevard - Buy-ray - Buy from Amazon
Description: The story of Joe Gillis, a failed Hollywood screenwriter, who gets his big break writing for Norma Desmond, who is planning her big comeback. He sees it as an easy payday, but her obsession with her film, and with him, grows to dangerous levels.
Pros: Easily one of the best movies of all time. And the film looks fantastic on Blu-ray.
Cons: Unfortunately, the Blu-ray is mostly shovelware.

For those who like directors who have a visual flair, especially when they are at their best...
Brazil - Criterion Collection - Blu-ray - Buy from Amazon
Description: In a dystopian future, a bureaucratic error causes an innocent man to be executed. Sam Lowry tries to fix the problem, not because of any sense of justice, but because he's in love with a woman he's never met.
Pros: The film is arguably Terry Gilliam's best film, and as you can tell by the Criterion Collection label, the Blu-ray is top notch, both in terms of extras and technical presentation.
Cons: Like most Criterion Collection releases, it is a little more expensive than most Blu-rays are.

For those who like directors who have a visual flair, even in some of their lesser works...
Dark Shadows - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray Combo Pack
Description: Johnny Depp stars as Barnabas Collins, who in the late 1700s fell in love with Josette, but was cursed by a vengeful witch, Angelique and turned into a vampire. The townsfolk capture him and bury him alive. 200 years later, in 1972, he is freed, but while his family still lives in Collinsport, they have fallen under hard times. This is mainly because Angelique is still around.
Pros: Tim Burton is great at creating visually interesting worlds and populating them with strange characters. Beetle Juice, Edward Scissorhands, and Sweeney Todd are all examples of this. This film certainly has that going for it. The film also has a lot of great performances by not just Johnny Depp, but by the entire cast. There is also a good mix of humor and the more Gothic elements. The film looks and sounds amazing on high definition, and while there are not a lot of extras, at least there are extras that push Blu-ray technology.
Cons: I included this film and Brazil back-to-back, because while both Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam have the ability to create imaginative worlds, they sometimes get carried away and the end result is a bit of a bloated mess. That's the case here. There are elements of a dysfunctional family, fish-out-of-water, love triangle / spurned lover, supernatural, redemption, etc. Many of them work on an individual level, but combined they don't work. Sometimes they don't get enough focus to be fully developed. For example, we learn that Chloe Moretz is a werewolf, it's just one more element and there's no good payoff. Other times they conflict too much. For example, we have Barnabas eating random innocent people, which makes it hard to cheer for him. Overall, it is better than its Tomatometer Score would indicate, but it did reach its full potential.

For those who still like the show, even though it is several years past its peak...
The Simpsons: Season 15 - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray
Description: It's The Simpsons. No scripted primetime show has been on American TV longer than this show.
Pros: There's a reason why this show has lasted so long. While most people agree that the show peaked long before this season came along and its "Golden Age" ended during season nine (or perhaps sooner) the 15th season still had a lot of great episodes. Treehouse of Horror XIV, My Mother the Carjacker, The President Wore Pearls, 'Tis the Fifteenth Season, I, D'oh-Bot, Diatribe of a Mad Housewife, Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Simple Simpson, The Way We Weren't, and Fraudcast News are all great episodes. Additionally, the DVD is loaded with extras, including audio commentary tracks on every episode.
Cons: There are no true classic episodes on the DVD, although My Mother the Carjacker does come closest.

For those who have been watching this show for nearly 20 years...
Power Rangers: Super Samurai - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray
Description: The latest incarnation of one of the longest running live action kids shows. The power rangers are still trying to stop the latest villain of the day by dressing up in colorful gear and using martial arts, or when necessary, piloting giant mechs into battle.
Pros: This show has lasted a long time because it has a certain appeal to both young kids and those who grew up on the earlier shows. This is the first time this season was released on Blu-ray and the Blu-ray box set is much cheaper than the combined prices of the individual DVDs.
Cons: There are no new extras on the DVD / Blu-ray, and there were not a lot of extras before. Also, the acting and writing and action are all silly, which is part of the appeal, but if you are not a fan, you will be left wondering why people like this show. Also, the DVD are stored in a spindle, and I hate that. At least with Blu-rays, they have a protective coating to prevent scratches.

I was so close to being done...
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days - Buy from Amazon: DVD or Blu-ray
Description: The third installment in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. This time the action takes place during summer vacation. Much of what Greg is trying to spend time time Holly, because he's tired of being "just friends". He also tries hard to avoid his father, because his father wants him to "go outside" and do "physical exercise". Madness!
Pros: I've reviewed the first two and thought they were good for kids movies. This film shows some signs of improvement, including a more sympathetic lead. (In the first two films, Greg could come across as mean.) He still is the architect of his own problems, but he's nicer this time around, so it is funnier when that happens. The family dynamic is as strong as last time, but with Steve Zahn taking a more active role. Robert Capron is fun as the overly optimistic Rowley. Holly is a more developed character this time around. Finally, Laine Macneil is great as Patty Farrell, the nemesis.
Cons: It has some of the same flaws as the first two films, including an episodic nature and the rather simplistic plot. It's good for a kids movie, but it isn't the type of film that will attract adults as well as kids.

As always, I've gone overboard and this is the longest of the four parts. There are some more releases I want to touch on, but really don't have the time. If you are looking for stocking stuffers, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has some inexpensive DVDs (Adventures In The Crystal Empire, Royal Pony Wedding, The Friendship Express). So does Jake & The Never Land Pirates (Jake Saves Bucky or Peter Pan Returns). And if you want something educational, you can't go wrong with Dinosaur Train (Dinosaurs A to Z, Big Big Big, Dinosaurs in the Snow).

I forgot Headhunters. Just follow the review for the links to Amazon. I really have to end this list.


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