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Featured TV on DVD Review: Max and Ruby: Bunny Tales

January 8th, 2011

Max & Ruby: Bunny Tales - Buy from Amazon

This Canadian preschool series started nearly a decade ago, and while it recently ended its run on TV, the latest DVD comes out this week. Bunny Tales presents another four episodes, comprising a total of 12 shorts, starting with...

The Show

  1. The Princess and the Marbles
    Ruby is playing dress-up for a princess ball, but Max wants to play with his marbles and he's getting in the way. So Ruby tells him the story of The Princess and the Marbles (think The Princess and the Pea.
  2. Emperor Max's New Suit
    Grandma and Ruby are shopping for new clothes and Max is supposed to get a new suit, but he's having none of it. I know how he feels. They try to convince him to try on something new by telling him the story of The Emperor's New Suit. This will end poorly.
  3. Max and the Three Little Bunnies
    Ruby and her friends Louise and Valerie and playing with paper dolls, but Max's toy blimp keeps springing a leak and crashing into them. So Ruby tells him the story of The Three Little Bunnies (Pigs)
  4. Ruby's Real Cinderella
    Louise and Ruby are playing Cinderella and Max wants to join in as the handsome prince, but he's too messy to be a prince. He tries everything to get to play, except clean up.
  5. Ruby's Hoola Hoop
    Louise is showing off her Hoola Hooping skills and trying to teach Ruby. Ruby's eager to learn, but Max keeps distracting her with his toy bugs. That kids has some impressive wind-up toys.
  6. Max and the Martians
    Ruby and her fellow Bunnyscouts have to find mars in their telescope, but when Max overhears them wanting to seeing Martians, he decides to dress up as one to help them.
  7. Max's Castle
    Ruby and Louise are trying to build a picture perfect castle, but Max wants to help. Ruby is worried that his idea ("More!") is going to wreck the castle, but in the end, they find they couldn't do it without him.
  8. Bunny Hopscotch
    Now Ruby and Louise are trying to play hopscotch. Louise is really good, but Ruby is having trouble, because Max keeps distracting her. But maybe the extra work will help her train even better.
  9. Max's Grasshopper
    Ruby is trying to earn a Bunnyscout badge by growing beans in a garden. Meanwhile, Max is trying to train his pet grasshopper to jump really high. Bean plants. Grasshopper. Yeah, you can guess how this will end.
  10. Ruby's Water Lily
    Ruby and her friends are trying to practice their synchronized swimming. Unfortunately, Max is getting in the way and he can't swim by himself, because that wouldn't be safe. The problem is solved when Roger shows up and offers to play with Max. But his wind up toys have a long range.
  11. Max Saves the Parade
    Ruby and Louise are trying to make a float for the parade, but so are Max and Roger and they both are trying to use the same parts. Perhaps they should work together.
  12. Super Max's Cape
    While Max and Ruby are playing in the part, the Huffingtons ask Ruby to look after their baby while they set up their picnic. Max wants to keep playing, but Ruby thinks Max is too noisy for the baby.

The Extras

There are no extras on this DVD, but this is common for preschool DVDs.

The Verdict

Max & Ruby is a fun show for preschoolers, while the latest DVD release, Bunny Tales, offers good value for the money. Good, but not great. The price-per-minute is inline with other preschool shows, while the lack of extras is disappointing, but not unexpected.

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