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Featured TV on DVD Review: SNL: Best of John Belushi

January 23rd, 2011

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The second Saturday Night Live review of the day. This one is also a Best Of release, focusing on a comedic talent that died too young. In this case, it's John Belushi, whom many consider the best talent of his era, but will this DVD showcase that talent?

The Show

The skits included start with...

  1. Disclaimer/101 Dalmatians
    101 Dalmatians... will not be shown tonight.
  2. Wolverines Cold Open
    John Belushi gets diction lessons from a wolverine obsessed man.
  3. Samurai Deli
    One of John Belushi's most famous skits. An absolute must for any Best Of DVD.
  4. Little Chocolate Donuts
    Olympic record-holder, John Belushi, is a spokesman for little chocolate donuts, the food of champions.
    Suitably bizarre, but funny at the same time.
  5. Beethoven 1
    A very short sketch of Beethoven trying to compose one of his classic songs, which is taking such a toll that he has stopped eating.
  6. Godfather Therapy
    John Belushi plays Don Vito Corleone undergoing group therapy with Elliott Gould as the therapist.
    An excellent impression and a truly funny skit.
  7. Beethoven 2
    Same joke as before, but helps show off John Belushi's musical talents more than his comedic talents.
  8. Greek Restaurant
    Cheeseburger. No Coke, Pepsi.
    Really, that's all that needs to be said. A classic skit.
  9. Update/Luck of the Irish
    John Belushi discusses the bad luck of the Irish.
  10. Star Trek
    The crew of the starship Enterprise under Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Bones McCoy deal with their worse enemy... network executives from NBC.
  11. Wilderness Comedian
    A short skit about a stand-up comic that rejects civilization and performs for the animals in the wilderness.
  12. The Blues Brothers/Soul Man
    We take a break from the comedy for the Blues Brothers performing "Soul Man".
  13. Celebrity Corner
    John Belushi as Elizabeth Taylor talking about her then husband.
  14. Samurai Night Fever
    Saturday Night Fever with John has a disco-dancing samurai. Includes O.J. Simpson as guest host.
    Not as funny as the Samurai Deli, but I'm sure fans, or haters, of Saturday Night Fever will get a kick out of it.
  15. Joe Cocker
    John Belushi does an over-the-top Joe Cocker impersonation, while proving he had a ton of musical talent.
  16. Party
    Lois Lane and Superman have a party with a lot of super heroes in the mix.
    One of the more famous skits on this DVD, and one of the best, at least in my mind. On a side note, if you say to yourself, "Why is the Hulk at Superman's party? They are from two different universes." You are a big nerd. Welcome to the club.
  17. Update/Radio City Rant
    John Belushi' rants about the possibility of destroying Radio City Music Hall to make room for office space.
  18. Don't Look Back in Anger
    A short film starring John Belushi as the last surviving member of the Not Ready for Prime Time Players.
    There are a few laughs here, but looking back, it's also a little creepy.
  19. King Bee
    John Belushi dressed up in a bee outfit singing the blues.
    Another skit that is meant to show off John Belushi's musical chops more than his comedic talent, but it is great to watch and a great way to end the special.

The Extras

The extras start with a four-minute screen test John Belushi did for Saturday Night Live. There is an appearance by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd on the Today Show promoting Neighbors. An Inside Look is a 19-minute retrospective and for fans of the performer - this is absolutely worth checking out. There's an image gallery, an article from Rolling Stone, and bonus skits, starting with...

  1. Samurai Hotel
    One of John Belushi's most famous characters, as the operator of a hotel.
  2. Samurai Tailor
    One of John Belushi's most famous characters, as a tailor.
  3. Peckinpah
    John Belushi as Sam Peckinpah directing a romantic comedy with some rather violent results.
  4. Farbers Meet the Coneheads
    The Farbers are the typical suburban couple, while the Coneheads are definitely not.
  5. Update/Songs About Weather
    Another Weekend Update rant, this time about irresponsible songs about weather.
  6. Update/Skylab
    The final rant is about the skylab re-entry, and how it could potentially hit a populated area.

The Verdict

The hit to miss ratio for Saturday Night Live: The Best of John Belushi is amazing, with only a few skits that don't have excellent replay value. Additionally, the extras are better than average for these DVDs and the retrospective adds serious replay value to the DVD. It is definitely worth picking up.

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