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Featured TV on DVD Review: Care Bears to the Rescue Movie

February 5th, 2011

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The latest Care Bear release, Care Bears to the Rescue Movie, is part of the Adventures in Care-a-Lot line that launched in 2007. These films and TV show have been quite popular with several releases, some of which I've reviewed. Will the latest release live up to the quality of the past DVDs?

The Movie

To the Rescue starts with the Care Bears arriving at the Care-a-Lot Awards, where Share Bear is the host handing out awards for the best rescues of the past year. Meanwhile, Grumpy Bear and Oopsy Bear are working behind-the-scenes handling the lights and other special effects to make sure the show goes on without a hitch.

This is basically an anthology show with the awards show acting as the wrap-around. We see Funshine trying to help the other care bears, only to mess up, so the Nimbits try to help by causing one of care bears to need a rescue, but it backfires and they are the ones that need rescuing. The next rescue has Cheer Bear saving Nibbly, a small pink... something. It's a cute something, but a hungry something, and soon it threatens to eat all of Care-a-Lot. The final rescue has Grumpy Bear and Bedtime Bear teaming up to stop a runaway robot that Grumpy built to hand out pillows. However, during the awards show, Grumpy gets trapped under the stage and it's up to Oopsy to rescue him. A rescue during the Rescue Awards.

The Extras

There is a bonus episode from the Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot. In the first part, Oopsy is wishing he could rescue someone so people would think he's a hero. When he accidentally saves Harmony and Cheer, everyone is praising him and he doesn't want to tell them the truth. In the second part, Oopsy accidentally destroys Grumpy's Automatic Jelly Machine and this makes Grizzle decides uses this opportunity to take over Care-A-Lot using a love potion to make the Care Bears love him. Plan A is to create a giant cloud, but his robot butler suggests using his love potion instead. But when he drops it and Oopsy finds it, and uses it. He uses way too much of it.

The other extra is a game called Gobble Bug Rescue Mission. You have to pick what the Gobble Bug says it wants to eat, in the right order, in order to get it to its new garden cloud.

The Verdict

The Care Bears to the Rescue Movie is barely an hour long and feels more like a few episodes crammed together than a real movie. That said, it has all of the qualities that preschoolers should enjoy, and with the bonus episode and the game, the DVD has enough value that it is worth picking up if your kids are fans of the show.

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