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Weekend Estimates: Counter-Programming Triumphs on SuperBowl Weekend

February 6th, 2011

Giving young woman an alternative to football this weekend worked out for Sony, as The Roommate comfortably won the weekend with an estimated $15.6 million. Sanctum could only manage $9.2 million for Universal, continuing their poor run of form. Most worryingly, both films combined couldn't top the $30.5 million opening enjoyed by Dear John last year, and the overall box office will be down by over 20% from last year.

No Strings Attached continued its good run, falling under 40% to $8.4 million, and the Oscar nominees continued to hold well, but the chart overall has a very lackluster look to it right now. Just Go With It will have to post a huge opening next weekend to get things back on track.

- Weekend Estimates

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