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IMAX: Sanctum Can Escape on IMAX

February 9th, 2011

Sanctum struggled in theaters during its opening weekend, and that included IMAX, where it made $1.6 million on 178 screens. On the one hand, a sub-$10,000 per screen average is weak for IMAX. On the other hand, that was roughly three times its per screen average, so one can call it a success on IMAX, at least compared to its overall take.

While that result was less than satisfying, IMAX does have a couple of international results that could be noteworthy. Tron opened on IMAX screens in France on Saturday, and hopefully those numbers will be separated out from the film's opening weekend numbers next week. Meanwhile, Tangled opens in IMAX screens across Asia this month, which should help its overall box office reach $500 million worldwide.



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