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Featured DVD Review: Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts

March 5th, 2011

Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts - Buy from Amazon

Daniel Tosh is best known as the host of Tosh.0, a shameless rip off of Internet Slutts. Okay, that's completely unfair, as I'm quite certain no one involved in making Tosh.0 every heard of Internet Slutts. Regardless, on Saturday his latest stand-up concert, Happy Thoughts airs on Comedy Central before coming out on DVD this Tuesday. Is it worth checking out, perhaps even picking up?

The Set

Daniel Tosh, like practically every other stand up comic out there, does observational comedy. Subjects he touches on include politics, religion, sports, etc. Pretty much whatever crosses him mind, it seems like. His delivery is heavy on the sarcasm, so much so that I've seen him referred to as the master of sarcasm, but while a lot of his jokes hit their market, at times his approach seemed forced.

I recently reviewed Louis C.K.'s and at one point he said, "That's just me saying something terrible because it makes me laugh that it upsets you." There are several instances in this set where Daniel Tosh seems to be doing the same thing, but instead of coming across as natural, it sounds too rehearsed, too calculated.

Overall enough jokes work that it is worth checking out, but the show is too uneven and there are too many lulls to be enthusiastic with my recommendation.

The Extras

You can watch the set in the TV version, or the extended and uncut version. There's also a 12-minute encore plus a 9-minute behind-the-scenes. Finally, there are two warm-up acts running a combined 21-minutes. That adds up to quite a lot of additional material, especially compared to the average stand-up concert.

The Verdict

Daniel Tosh has a big hit with Tosh.0 and fans of his will want to check out Happy Thoughts. The hit to miss ratio is strong enough and the extras are plentiful enough that buying his DVD will be a good investment for his fans. While if you like humor that aims to offend as much as elicit laughter, then it is at least worth a rental.

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