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Per Theater Chart: Jane Eyre is in the Red

March 15th, 2011

It was an amazing week on the per theater chart, even if you ignore Red State's special showings. The latest Kevin Smith offering added more than $100,000 over the weekend, at two special showings, for an average of $51,283. At this pace, it's going to start hitting major milestones before its theatrical debut this fall. Meanwhile, Jane Eyre had the best per theater average for a regular release this year at $45,721 in four theaters. The good news doesn't end there as Kill The Irishman opened with an average of $29,086 in five theaters, which also suggests the ability to expand significantly. Certified Copy earned close to $80,000 in five theaters for an average of $15,587. That would have been enough to lead the way many weekends so far this year. 3 Backyards opened with $11,000 in one theater, while the overall number one film, Battle: Los Angeles opened with an average of $10,411 in more than 3400 theaters.

The rest of the new limited releases were less impressive with only Making the Boys doing well at $7,513 in one theater. Monogamy was a little soft at $4,476, also in one theater. Black Death was weak with an average of just $2,231 in three theaters. But at least it topped the Mendoza Line, unlike Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula (average of $1,896 in three theaters); Elektra Luxx ($1,400 in four); and Bay Rong ($1,361 in nine).

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Charts alumni:

  • Casino Jack just made it to $1 million over the weekend, but that's as far as it will go.
  • Of Gods and Men also reached $1 million over the weekend, but it should have relatively little trouble getting to $2 million before long.
  • Another Year topped $3 million, but that will be the last milestone for this film. This is roughly on par with Mike Leigh's last two films.
  • Cedar Rapids became the first limited release of 2011 to hit $4 million, while this time next weekend it should be the first to reach $5 million.
  • Black Swan climbed over Robin Hood and into 25th place for 2010. That's as far as it will go, but that's amazing for a limited release.
  • The King's Speech has now earned more than $125 million during its incredible run. It has earned more than Shutter Island and it is very close to overtaking The Last Airbender, giving it 18th place for 2011. That's as far as it will go.


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