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Featured TV on DVD Review: Max and Ruby: Rainy Day Play!

April 10th, 2011

Max & Ruby: Rainy Day Play! - Buy from Amazon

Max & Ruby is a Canadian show aimed at preschoolers and starring two animated bunnies. Ruby is the older sister while Max is her younger brother. The series started nearly a decade ago, and while it recently ended its run on TV, the latest DVD comes out this week. Bunny Tales presents another four episodes, comprised of a total of 12 shorts, starting with...

The Show

  1. Ruby Writes a Story
    Ruby is trying to write a story about a princess and she needs a very quiet place so she can concentrate. However Max wants to play cowboy and keeps interrupting her, although she seems pretty good at distracting herself. Is there any way the two of them will both be happy?
  2. Max's Dominoes
    Max and Morris (Louise's little brother) are playing with dominoes while Ruby and Louise go over ideas for the Bunny Scout meeting. They are trying to earn their Hospitality Badges. Dominoes turn to Rube Goldberg machines and soon Max and Morris's contraption threatens to get in the way of the Bunny Scout meeting. Or does it?
  3. Grandma's Attic
    Ruby and Max are at their Grandma's house and Ruby gets to pick out outfits to play dress-up. Meanwhile, Max thinks he's found treasure and has no interest in playing dress-up.
  4. Bunny Cakes
    Hey. It's the cake from the opening credits. Max and Ruby are trying to bake a cake for Grandma's birthday. Unfortunately, Max breaks the eggs so Ruby sends him to the store to get more. Once he gets there he also tries to get more "Red Hot Marshmallow Squirters" but not knowing how to spell that, he instead draws a picture on the grocery list. A really bad picture. Why doesn't he just bring the old box?
  5. Bunny Party
    With the cake done, it's time for the party and Ruby has invited all of her toys to be guests. Max feels slighted, as none of his toys are allowed to come. He has a plan though, he will disguise his bug and robot toys as fairies and sneak them into the party. There's no way this plan could fail.
  6. Bunny Money
    Ruby and Max go to the store to buy Grandma a gift. However, along the way they keep running into expenses, like food. In the end, they don't have enough money for the fancy gift Ruby wanted, so what are they going to do?
  7. Ruby's Safari
    Ruby and Louise need a picture of a creature they found in their backyard to complete their Bunny Scout scrapbooking badge. And they need it fast. Max wants to help, but his impressive collection of wind up toys don't count.
  8. Max's Mud Bath
    Ruby and Louise are working on cosmetics for their spa and need someone to test them on. ... Max. RUN MAX!
  9. Max's Lost Lizard
    Ruby is setting up a home for the Bunny Scout's chameleon to stay in, but it escapes from its box while the two are looking. They don't even notice is gone. Fortunately, Max has fun playing with its color-changing ability and he keeps a careful eye on it.
  10. Ruby's Rainbow
    It's a rainy day, so Ruby is staying inside and painting rainbows. While Ruby is trying to paint her rainbow, Max insists on playing outside in the rain.
  11. Home Tweet Home
    Ruby and Louise are excited when they see the first robin of spring, and it arrives just in time as they are building a birdhouse. Meanwhile, Max is hungry and keeps asking for snacks, like peanut butter, sunflower seeds, etc. Is he up to something?
  12. Max's Mudpie
    Grandma's coming over and Ruby is trying to make sure the flower garden is looking its best. However, Max is more interested in making mud pies than flowers. Every time he makes a mess of himself, Ruby has to clean him up.

The Extras

There are no extras on this DVD, but this is common for preschool DVDs.

The Verdict

The latest Max & Ruby DVD, Rainy Day Play!, is inline with previous such releases. It's a good show and its target audience should be entertained. The lack of extras is disappointing, but even so, the price-per-minute is acceptable when compared to other TV on DVD releases aimed at preschoolers. If you bought Bunny Tales, for instance, then this one is also worth picking up.

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