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Featured TV on DVD Review: Dora the Explorer: It's Haircut Day

May 2nd, 2011

Dora the Explorer: It's Haircut Day - Buy from Amazon

Dora The Explorer: It's Haircut Day is the latest release from one of the most popular preschool shows around. The further adventures of Dora, Boots, and the rest of their family and friends should get the little ones excited, but how does this DVD compare to the many releases of the past?

The Show

  1. It's Haircut Day
    Boots got a problem. It's his mother's birthday and he doesn't know what to get her. While talking to Dora, he decides to get his mother a picture, but he'll need a haircut first. They'll need to go over the Troll Bridge and through forest of Hairy Trees to get to the barber. But there will be some obstacles along the way that only you can help them get past.
  2. Happy Birthday, Super Babies
    It's Dora's twin siblings' birthday and their grandmother is baking them each a cake. While they are waiting for the cakes to bake, Dora tells the story of a cake snatching bear and how the Super Babies thwarted him.
  3. Baby Winky Goes Home
    Dora and Boots meet an alien named Winky. They play peek-a-boo, but soon Winky needs to get home to his family before they fly on their spaceship and return home. Fortunately Dora and Boots are there to help the little guy.
  4. Dora's Pegaso Adventure
    Dora and Boots are playing hide-and-seek with the Moon, Pegaso, and the constellations. But when a meteor shower scares the constellations, Dora and Boots have to find them before the sun comes up. Along the way they get to visit some of the wonders of the Universe.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

Dora The Explorer: It's Haircut Day is a typical preschool release with only four episodes and no extras. The price-per-minute isn't bad, but its not a real deal either. You do get some of the newest episodes from the show, so your kids might not have seen them yet, but that's the only real selling point.

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