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New at The Numbers: The Weekly Blu-ray Sales Chart

May 13th, 2011

Since we launched our DVD sales chart back in August, 2007, our home market coverage has been one of the most popular features of the site. With the growth of the Blu-ray market since that time, we've received many requests to add Blu-ray tracking, and today we're pleased to announce the introduction of our weekly Blu-ray sales chart. Like the DVD sales chart, this includes weekly estimates for Blu-ray unit sales and consumer spending at retail, along with total sales to date for each title. Subscribers to our OpusData data service can get even more information through our Video Market subscription, which now includes Blu-ray sales and video rental data back to the beginning of 2010, with further historical reports to be added soon.

We will continue to publish our DVD sales chart every Monday, and the Blu-ray chart will follow on Tuesday each week. To match the chart publication dates, our weekly home market sales report will be split in two, with the DVD sales report appearing on Tuesday and the Blu-ray report on Wednesday. Click here for this week's Blu-ray sales report.

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