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Featured TV on DVD Review: Dinosaur Train: Dino-Mighty Music

May 21st, 2011

Dinosaur Train: Dino-Mighty Music - Buy from Amazon

Dinosaur Train continues its run on the home market with Dino-Mighty Music. There are four more shorts of the Pteranodon family's travels aboard the Dinosaur Train, which can go anywhere, and any when, in the time of the dinosaurs. These start with...

The Show

  1. Valley of the Stygimolochs
    After Tiny demonstrates how she can use her beak to crack nuts, Buddy wishes he had something cool like that. But not a beak exactly, maybe horns. They ask their mother about dinosaurs with horns, and she decides to take they to Stygimolochs Valley, where they meet Stewart, Shirley, and Spikey Stygimolochs. This is the first part of the very first episode, so they have to explain the premise more than usual.
  2. I'm a T. Rex!
    Buddy really wants to know what species he is and what he will grow up to be, so he and Tiny ask the giganotosaurus on the train if Buddy will grow up to be like her. They do look a lot alike, but alas, she has spines and Buddy does not. When mother Pteranodon decides they should stop at Rexville for lunch, Buddy sees a lot of similarities between himself and the dinosaurs that live there.
  3. One Smart Dinosaur
    Buddy wants to grow up to be just like Mr. Conductor. Buddy wants to know why troodons are so smart, and who better to ask than a troodon? So it's off to the Dinosaur train to learn from Mr. Conductor about his species.
  4. Surprise Party
    Shiny, Tiny, and Don are planning a surprise party and the Pteranodon family knows just where to have it, the Dinosaur Train. Normally the show focuses on one dinosaur per episode, but the party is filled with other dinosaurs Buddy has met during his adventures.
Since there are two stories per episode, the DVD is only two episodes long, which is disappointingly short.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

Dinosaur Train is one of the best educational shows out there for kids, because it actually teaches kids about the subject at hand, instead of helping them memorize a few songs that are repeated every single episode. On the other hand, Dino-Mighty Music is only 50 minutes long, so the price-per-minute is higher than I would like to see for this type of release.

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