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IMAX: Strange Tide Rises to New Heights on IMAX

May 24th, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides broke records on IMAX including the widest global release of all time. Domestically it made $8.2 million on 256 screens for an average of $32,000. Meanwhile, it made $8.3 million on just 138 screens internationally for an average of $61,000. It's highest grossing single theater was IMAX Kinosfera in Moscow, which pulled in a mind-blowing $240,000, while it earned $100,000 in 15 different theaters internationally, mostly in Russia and the CIS states.

Next month, IMAX theaters will play host to Super 8 and Cars 2, and while the absence of a film like Avatar hurt the format in a year-over-year comparison for much of the year so far, it looks like things will turn around this summer.



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