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Featured TV on DVD Review: Care Bears: Flower Power

June 7th, 2011

Care Bears: Flower Power - Buy from Amazon

Care Bears is in its 30th year of existence, and while its popularity has waxed and waned over the years, it is still popular with preschoolers dispite several re-designs. The latest DVD release, Flower Power, has eight stories, starting with...

The Show

  1. Flower Power
    Share Bear grows a daisy and wears it in her hair, but when the Nimbettes shower Care-a-lot with magical rain, the Care Bears become obsessed with Share's flowers and soon the friends become jealous over who has the most flowers.
  2. Luck O' The Oopsy
    It's race day and everyone wants to win the race. Grumpy has a new cloud racer that he thinks will win the race for sure, but Oopsy is super fast on his rocket powered surfboard. But when Oopsy messes up, several times, Grumpy starts to think he's bad luck.
  3. Heat Wave
    Care-a-lot is going through a heat wave, thanks to Grizzle and his latest invention (a giant magnifying lens. The only way the Care Bears will beat Grizzle, is if they can get the Thunder Whales to come back and bring the rain. They have a plan, but it involves Share Bear, who is scared of Thunder Whales, so she doesn't want to help.
  4. Erased
    Grizzle builds a new robot complete with an Eraser-ray. However, when he sends it to Care-a-lot, it doesn't erase Belly Badges, it flips them upside down and makes them act strange. The only one who is uninfected is Oopsy, because he doesn't have a Belly Badge. Will he be able to fix his friends?
  5. Bubbles
    Funshine and the rest of the Care Bears are playing around, but after the others go to bed, Funshine plays the whole night. The next morning, he develops a case of the hiccups, with bubbles. That sounds serious. The only cure is bed rest, but thats really hard for an active bear like Funshine.
  6. Harmony Unplugged
    After True Heart Bear encourages Harmony to put on a concert, Harmony's ego begins to grow and as it does, she attracts these round, purple songbirds. Will her Diva antics drive all her friends away?
  7. Belly Blanked
    Grizzle finally succeeds in stealing a Belly Badge, Funshine's. And while Grizzle tries to master his new Belly Badge, Funshine has to learn to get by without one. When Grizzle comes to take over Care-a-lot, will Sunshine be able to help defeat him, even without his Belly Badge?
  8. Good Knight Bedtime
    Bedtime Bear notices all of the Care Bears are having bad dreams and this means he has to visit Dream Land and help the Care Bears learn how to dream better. However, we learn the truth, it's not just natural frustration, it's a plot by Grizzle. Bedtime Bear is the only one who can save them, but he's never had to be the hero before.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD, but this is not uncommon for DVDs aimed at preschoolers.

The Verdict

Care Bears: Flower Power is a typical release for a TV showed aimed at this demographic. With a price of just $12 after the discount, it's a good deal.

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