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Featured TV on DVD Review: Bratz: BFF

June 7th, 2011

Bratz: BFF - Buy from Amazon

The latest Bratz DVD, BFF, contains four episodes from the animated series, starting with...

The Show

  1. Extremely Madeover
    The four friends, Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin, are overworked at their fashion magazine. When they hire Prudence, they think all their troubles are over, as she's amazing at her job, even if she's a little too shy for the fashion business. The Bratz decide to help her overcome her shyness, but their kindness is misplaced, as it turns out she's an industrial spy.
  2. The Cloe Life
    Cloe gets picked to be the star in a Reality TV show, which she sees as the first step in her perfect life. However, the producer, Porsha, is incredibly rude to the rest of the Bratz, who then try to warn Cloe about her. Will she heed their advice?
  3. Bye-Bye Burdine
    Bratz Magazine again topped Your Thing Magazine in sales, and Burdine just can't take it anymore, so she heads out on vacation to relax and recharge. However, when she gets to Luxemstein, she's arrested for stealing the crown jewels. Meanwhile, back at Your Thing Magazine, the Tweevils, Kirstee and Kaycee, are left in charge. Since they don't know what happened to their boss, they make stuff up and write about it in the magazine. These lies turn out to be very popular, and soon Your Thing is back on top.
  4. The Great Melting Pot
    Fashion designer Jean-Paul is coming to design his latest line of clothing, and to visit with the Bratz. They are happy to meet with an old friend, and perhaps get a look at his latest designs, but they offered to cook him an authentic meal, and they are having trouble learning how to cook French cuisine, and Jean-Paul is a tough critic when it comes to food. And just when they think they have it down, he tells them he wants to eat American food. But what is American food? Thanksgiving Turkey? Burgers?

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

I'm clearly outside the target demographic for Bratz, but I've seen enough similar shows to say it's not one of the better ones out there. That said, the four episodes on BFF are better than average and at least have some interesting plot points to them.

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