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Featured TV on DVD Review: Team Umizoomi: 1 2 3

June 24th, 2011

Team Umizoomi: 1 2 3 - Buy from Amazon

Team Umizoomi first aired on TV at the beginning of last year and was popular enough that a second season started last fall. Now it is making its debut on DVD with Team Umizoomi: 1 2 3, but does it offer good value for the money?

The Show

Since this is the first DVD release for the show, we should start with a little overview. Team Umizoomi takes place in Umi City, which is a live action / animated world. The three main characters are Milli, Geo, and Bot, who together form Team Umizoomi, and despite being only a few inches tall, they help Umi City work by using their Mighty Math Powers. Each episode the trio talk to a kid in need and with their special abilities, and your help, they solve the problem.

  1. The Rolling Toy Parade
    Nick wants to be the lead in the Rolling Toy Parade, but his lion toy got stuck and then it broke. When they get to the park to fix it, it's tires and pull string are missing.
  2. The Legend of the Blue Mermaid
    While at the beach, Team Umizoomi see a statue of the Blue Mermaid and Bot tells them the Legend of the Blue Mermaid and how she was captured by Squiddy the Squid. Now it is up to Team Umizoomi to rescue her.
  3. Kite Festival
    Jeannie calls Team Umizoomi after a big gust of wind destroys her dragon kite and scattered the pieces all over Umi City.
  4. Wild West Toy Train Show
    While playing with a train set, Bot gets a call on his Umi Alarm. Ethan was supposed to go to the Wild West Toy Train Show, but while he was holding his ticket a big gust of wind blew his ticket away. It landed inside the train show, so only Team Umizoomi can help him.

The Extras

The extras include a game that will teach kids to recognize shapes and tell which shape is different from the rest. There are also three short animated clips introducing the three characters.

The Verdict

Team Umizoomi is an Ask and Pause type show that teaches simple math concepts like patterns, shapes, and counting. The animation is bright and colorful and the songs and action should keep preschoolers entertained while they learn. The first DVD release has more extras than a lot of similar DVD releases aimed at preschoolers and if your kids are fans of the show, it's worth picking up.

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