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Featured TV on DVD Review: Boy Meets World: Season Six

July 3rd, 2011

Boy Meets World: Season Six - Buy from Amazon

Boy Meets World's run on DVD is nearing its end with Season Six, the penultimate season, coming out on Tuesday. The release date for the final season hasn't been announced yet, but I would be amazed if it didn't hit the home market by the end of the year. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. How well does this season hold up when compared to season four and five?

The Show

A lot of big things happened at the end of last season, including Cory's parents announcing they were pregnant, Mr. Feeny announcing he was retiring from teaching, Shawn Hunter announces he's going to college, and the biggest event was Topanga proposing to Cory. All four of these events play out over the season, some quicker than others. Also early in the season we are introduced to a new character. With Shawn moving into the college dorms in the fall, Eric and Jack need a replacement roommate and find one in mere seconds. The replacement, Rachel, becomes the center of romantic interest from both guys.

There a good mix of serious and silly topics during this season, but it tilts heavier to the serious side than in most seasons past. For instance, and there's a lot of spoilers here, Shawn and Angela decide to take a break from each other, which is a decision both regret, but refuse to fix for quite some time. Fred Savage guest stars as a young professor, who is loved by all of his students, but when he makes a move on Topanga, Cory punches him and is threatened with expulsion. Chet Hunter, Shawn and Jack's father, returns and promises to stay. Jack is happy his dad is back, but Shawn assumes he won't stay for long. It turns out Shawn is right, but not for the reason he was expecting. When Cory's mother finally gives birth, the delivery doesn't go as smooth as one would like, and Cory doesn't deal with it very well. Eric decides to become a big brother and bonds with a little boy, but if you've been paying attention, you know this doesn't work out so well. Finally, Topanga and Cory prepare for their wedding, but when Topanga learns her parents are getting divorced, her faith in love and marriage is shaken.

When I said the season tilted heavier toward the serious side, that's was maybe an understatement, as most storylines are on the serious side, and many of those last multiple episodes. For a SitCom, it's kind of light on comedy at times. There are still many funny episodes, or funny storylines in otherwise serious episodes. The Eric / Rachel / Jack love-triangle plays out in a humorous fashion, but that's one of the few storylines that is consistently funny instead of serious. That's not to say the show isn't good, but it is serious and you have to take that into account.

The Extras

There are no extras on this three-disc set. There are also no subtitles and the only DVD authoring are the play-all buttons.

The Verdict

Boy Meets World: Season Six is arguably the most serious season in the show's seven-year run. It still maintains the quality level we've come to expect and fans of the show will want to pick up the three-disc set.

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