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DVD Sales: New Releases Lack Punch

July 12th, 2011

While plenty of new releases reached the top of this week's sales chart, none were exactly burning up the chart. Leading the way was Sucker Punch, but with only 275,000 units / $4.13 million during its opening week on the chart. Season of the Witch could claim a share of first place with $4.28 million in opening week sales from 265,000 units sold. Beastly debuted in third place with 152,000 units / $2.58 million, but that was weak, even compared to its box office performance. Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Rodick Rules fell from first to fourth with 151,000 units for the week and 482,000 units after two. Its running tally of $8.90 million in sales is lower than the original's open week sales by a significant margin. Jumping into the top five was Despicable Me with 122,000 units / $2.07 million for the week and 7.74 million / $134.86 million in total. This is a perfect illustration regarding how weak DVD sales are right now. A catalog title shouldn't jump into the top five, not unless the sequel is about to hit theaters.

The only other new release to chart was The Warrior's Way, which placed eleventh with 78,000 units / $1.28 million at the box office. This is not terrible, considering how badly it bombed at the box office.


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