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Featured TV on DVD Review: Go, Diego, Go!: Fiercest Animal Rescues and Arctic Rescue

July 15th, 2011

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This week there are two Go, Diego Go! DVDs coming out. The first is Fiercest Animal Rescues, which is coming out in the States, the second is Diego's Arctic Rescue, which is being released in Canada with a French Bilingual edition.

Fiercest Animal Rescues

The episodes on this DVD start with...

  1. Fiercest Animals!
    This double-length episode has Diego giving Rosetta and Martin a tour of the rescue compound. After a brief rescue involving a baby duck and an injured crocodile, Rosetta and Martin want Diego to tell them about the times he had to rescue some of the fiercest animals out there. Can Diego and his new gorilla friend act fierce enough to scare away some elephants before they hurt the baby gorillas? What's so fierce about the Blue Ringed Octopus? It's so tiny and cute. What will happen when Diego and his mother get in-between a momma grizzly and his child? When a hippo helps Diego and his father get unstuck, will Diego and his father be able to return to favor? Finally, when a big jaguar is spotted in town, Diego and Baby Jaguar have to stop telling stories to Rosetta and Martin and go out on a brand new rescue.
  2. Cotton-Top Tamarin Cave Rescue
    Diego and Alicia are in Columbia planting trees so the Cotton-Top Tamarin have a place to live. When they hear a Cotton-Top Tamarin that is lost, Diego goes off to rescue it.
  3. Pampas and Friend Help the Rescue Center
    A Pampas, a type of jungle cat, is stuck in a thorny tree and it is up to Diego to rescue it. But when he gets there, he finds out the cat's three kitten are in serious trouble.
Obviously the Fiercest Animals! double-length episode is the big selling point of the DVD, but it feels more like a clip show than an epic adventure. It's hard to say if kids will like this more or less than a single epic rescue, but it is worth noting.

The Extras

There are no extras on this DVD.

Diego's Arctic Rescue

I previously reviewed this DVD when it came out in the Unitred States. Now it is being re-released with a French bi-lingual track, which is actually incredibly useful if you don't know what they are saying when they speak Spanish. While watching the show in French, everything they normally say in Spanish they say in English. It quite fun.

As for the episodes, they start with...

  1. The Great Polar Bear Rescue!
    A double-length episode has Diego and Baby Jaguar traveling to the arctic to visit the polar bears. His sister, Alicia, and his cousin, Dora, make appearances helping him rescue some polar bears affected by Global Warming.
  2. Puffin Fishing Adventure
    Diego has to help feed the baby puffins, who don't have enough fish to eat at their normal habitat because of all of the overfishing.
  3. Where Is Okapi's Brother?
    Diego travels to Africa to help the Okapi, which are like Zebra, only with fewer stripes. He plays hide-and-seek with a herd of Okapi, but due to deforestation, one pair of brothers has to travel very far to find a good place to hide. They have to travel so far, that they get lost.

The Extras

There are three very short mini-rescues.

The Verdict

Both DVDs offer good value for the money, when compared to previous releases from this series, while the French-language track is a nice bonus for those who speak the language, or are trying to help their kids learn it for school.

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