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Featured DVD Review: Leap Frog: Sing and Learn With Us

July 15th, 2011

Leap Frog: Sing and Learn With Us - Buy from Amazon

The latest Leap Frog DVD, Sing and Learn With Us, is a little different than most TV on DVD releases aimed at preschoolers. Instead of a handful of stories, it's mostly a collection of songs for your little ones to sing-along with.

The Show

The show follows a pattern for the 32-minute program. After a short song introducing the members of the band, there are sections for each of the of the vowels. First there's a skit introducing the vowel and the sound it makes. After that, there's a skit introducing some words that use that vowel, there's sing-along song using those words. Then there's another skit introducing more words, and a second song. After doing this for all five vowels, there's a song using all five vowels.

The skits and songs are obviously very simple, as the target audience is as young as three years old. But the animation is bright and colorful and the song's are catchy enough to keep the little ones engaged. It is short compared to a lot of DVDs aimed preschoolers, but I think it will have high enough replay value that won't be too large an issue.

On a side note, Og has a rough time during most of the skits and songs.

The Extras

There's a DVD-Rom feature where you can print out the lyrics to the songs, plus a few coloring pages.

The Verdict

If you've purchased some of the previously released Leap Frog DVDs and your kids enjoyed them, then Sing and Learn With Us should also be worth picking up. Like I said, it is short, so the price-per-minute is a little high, but not so high that it is unreasonable.

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