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Blu-ray Sales: Rango Remains on Top

August 3rd, 2011

Rango remained the best selling Blu-ray this week with 317,000 units / $6.34 million for the week and 670,000 units / $13.39 million after two. The best new releases of the week was Limitless with 200,000 units / $4.69 million for the week. Its Blu-ray ratio was 32%, which is okay for this type of film, but not really worth celebrating at this point. It's a more visually important than most thrillers / suspense films, so a higher than average Blu-ray was expected. The Lincoln Lawyer fell to third place with 53,000 units for the week, lifting its total sales to 253,000 units / $4.81 million after two weeks of release. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I remained in fourth place with 51,000 units / $1.13 million. It became the first release of 2011 to reach 3 million units sold with total sales of 3.01 million units and $67.67 million. It has a long way to go before it catches Avatar, which has sold 6 million units, but it is in the top five for the format's history. Rounding out the top five was Insidious which added 35,000 units / $702,000 for the week and has sold 170,000 units / $3.43 million after two.

Take Me Home Tonight just missed the top five with a hair under 35,000 units sold for opening week sales of $813,000. Its Blu-ray ratio was 30%, which is good for a character driven comedy. The only other new release of note was NHL Stanley Cup Champions 2011: Boston Bruins with 12,000 units / $339,000, which was enough for 23rd place.

As expected, the overall Blu-ray market did fall compared to last week, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been down 17% in terms of units and 21% in terms of revenue. On the other hand, there were nearly 90% more Blu-rays sold compared to last year, while the revenue grew by 72%. DVD also saw growth from last year, while its declines from last week were much softer at 7% (both in terms of units and raw dollars). This meant the Blu-ray ratios were a little lower from last week at 28% of units and 34% of revenue.

Looking ahead to next week, next week's new releases should be led by Source Code, while last year's new releases were led by Clash of the Titans, which made three times as much at the box office. We could see a year-over-year decline in total Blu-ray sales.


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