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DVD Sales: Rio Remains Perched on Top

August 24th, 2011

New releases were particularly weak this past week, and none of them were able to unseat Rio on the DVD sales chart. It sold an additional 636,000 units and generated $9.53 million more dollars in sales, pushing its running tallies to 2.27 million units and $34.01 million. It is already in six place for 2011 (fifth place if you don't count Despicable Me, which was released in 2010). Jumping the Broom opened in second place with 330,000 units / $5.71 million. Paul was disappointing, opening in third place with $250,000 units / $4.32 million, but it did perform better on Blu-ray. Soul Surfer held on well with 175,000 units / $2.79 million for the week and 544,000 units / $8.70 million after two. Your Highness just grabbed a spot in the top five with 135,000 units / $2.33 million.

There were a couple more new releases that opened just out of the top five. The Fox And The Hound Double-Shot DVD sold 114,000 units and generated $2.05 million in sales. Mars Needs Moms opened in seventh place with a hair over 100,000 units sold, while it generated $1.78 million in sales. Super, a limited release, opened in 16th place with 40,000 units / $415,000. Finally, Tactical Force, a direct-to-DVD release, opened in 19th place with 29,000 units / $402,000.


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