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Featured TV on DVD Review: Team Umizoomi: Journey to Numberland

September 2nd, 2011

Team Umizoomi: Journey to Numberland - Buy from Amazon

Team Umizoomi's second DVD release, Journey to Numberland, is a bit of a change from their first and starts with a double-length episode called...

The Show

  • The King of Numbers
    While Milli, Geo, and Bot are playing, they receive an invitation from the King of Numbers to go to Numberland. Numberland is a great place, if you love numbers. There's one person in Numberland who hates numbers, Zilch the Wizard. After Zilch captures the King, he scatters the three keys needed to open the prison door. Now it is up to our three friends, to rescue the King, with your help, of course.
    This episode actually feels like a bigger adventure than most and not just two episodes crammed together, which sometimes happens in shows aimed at preschoolers. There's plenty of songs to sing and puzzles to figure out and it's a good way to start the DVD.
  • Picnic
    Team Umizoomi are going on a picnic with Anna. But Anna calls them upset because she's lost the food and drinks for the picnic. Now Milli, Geo, and Bot have to find out where she lost them.
  • The Dinosaur Museum Mishap
    The gang are going to the Museum to look at the Dinosaurs. When a storm rolls into the city, the thunder scares the dinosaurs so much that they run away. Now its up to the three friends to return the dinosaurs to the museum.

The Extras

The only options under the special features is an ad for the website and some previews for other Nick Jr. shows.

The Verdict

Most educational shows aimed at preschoolers help build vocabulary, but Team Umizoomi stands out by improving math skills like counting and recognizing patterns. Journey to Numberland's price-per-minute is on par with most other releases in the same genre and it is worth adding to your collection.

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