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Featured TV on DVD Review: Olivia: Princess for a Day

September 3rd, 2011

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Olivia is a cartoon series based on the popular book series by Ian Falconer. It tells the story of a pig, Olivia, and her family and friends. She's imaginative, sometimes a little bossy, but a good friend. Princess for a Day has nearly the same format as almost all other DVDs released that are aimed at the same target demographic. So what episodes are included, and are there any extras to be found on the DVD.

The Show

  1. Princess for a Day
    While playing dress-up with Francine and Daisy, Olivia learns that real royalty will be coming to town and by a stroke of luck, Olivia gets to meet Princess Stephanie in person. By an even bigger stroke of luck, they look identical. (On a side note... No they don't. The princess has freckles.) Faster than you can say, "The Princess and the Pauper", they switch places to see what it's like to live in each others' shoes.
  2. Olivia's Tip Top Tapper
    Olivia's practicing for her tap dancing recital, but in a freak accident, she hurts her ankle. She's determined to still make the dance recital and tries to build a rig to help her dance.
  3. Olivia's Old West Treasure Hunt
    Olivia's class goes on a field trip to an old west mining town. They learn about a giant gold nugget buried near the town. Olivia wants to stay and search for it, but the field trip is over. At least it would be, but the teacher lost the keys to the bus. Looks like Olivia will get to hunt treasure after all.
  4. Olivia Becomes a Chef
    It's Olivia's birthday, and Olivia wants to cook her mom something special.
  5. Olivia Plays Hotel
    While at school, it snows so badly that they have to go home. Francine and Julian stay at Olivia's place, at least until their parents can come get them. They decide they should play hotel. (Actually, Olivia decided that.) But while exploring the hotel they get the impression that it's haunted.
  6. Olivia's Fashion Show
    After going to a fashion show with her grandmother, Olivia gets the idea to put on her own fashion show, with her friends as models.
  7. Olivia Goes International
    As a school project, Olivia has to do a project on a foreign country. She has a lot of trouble picking the right country.
  8. Olivia Paints a Mural
    After going to the art museum, Olivia decides she wants to be an artist and gets to work painting a mural of her family.
  9. Olivia Plans a Tea Party
    After her mom catches a cold, Olivia helps her with her party planning business. But when her mom falls asleep, Olivia tries to handle it herself.

The Extras

Technically Olivia Plans a Tea Party is a special feature.

The Verdict

Olivia: has a better price-per-minute that most similar DVDs with the equivalent of five full episodes. (Princess for a Day is a double-length episode, plus there's the bonus short.) If your kids are a fan of the show, it's worth picking up.

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