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Featured TV on DVD Review: Dora the Explorer: Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures

September 11th, 2011

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures - Buy from Amazon

The first of two Dora the Explorer releases, this DVD is a little different from previous releases, as it presents three special episodes before they are on TV in November. Not only are they coming out on DVD before they air on TV, the three episodes also share a fantasy theme starting with...

The Show

  1. Tale of the Unicorn King
    Unicornio is a Unicorn who is in charge of making rainbows. The animals of the Enchanted Forest want to make him the new king. He has to prove he is kind, smart, brave, and strong. While the animals think he's qualified, he's not so sure. Dora and Boots will help him get to the castle and prove he can be king along the way.
  2. The Secret of Atlantis
    Dora, Boots, and Diego are in a boat looking for the lost island of Atlantis, which sank after a phoenix saw that the unicorns and the dragons couldn't be friends. It shed a single tear and the island was flooded. It doesn't take long before they find Atlantis, or to be more specific, they find the mountain top of Atlantis, which is still sticking out of the water. And what do they see on top of the mountain? A baby dragon. Dora, Diego, and Boots need to bring back Atlantis and in order to do that, they'll need the help of King Unicornio.
  3. Dora Saves King Unicornio
    The final episode is a double-length episode. Rabbit from the Enchanted Forest comes to Dora and Boots with bad news. King Unicornio is in trouble. When he left the Enchanted Forest to save Atlantis, Owl was put in charge. But now that King Unicornio is back, Owl tricked him and Owl is still in charge. First Dora and Boots have to get to the Enchanted Forest and then they have to help King Unicornio return to power.

The Extras

There are a trio of songs from the shows that you can watch separately.

The Verdict

If your kids are fans of Dora the Explorer, then you know exactly what to expect from Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures. There's plenty of adventure and problem solving with a few Spanish words thrown in to help build their vocabulary. The price-per-minute is inline with other such releases, but there are also more extras than other similar releases.

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