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Featured TV on DVD Review: Beavis and Butthead: Mike Judge's Most Wanted

October 2nd, 2011

Beavis & Butthead: Mike Judge's Most Wanted - Buy from Amazon

Beavis & Butthead began nearly 20 years ago with a short called Frog Baseball and developed a strong following during its run on MTV. It was one of that network's biggest animated successes and even spawned a movie. It has been released on DVD in the past, but with the revival of the show starting on the 27th of this month, it's a perfect time to release a best of DVD. But is it worth checking out? Or should fans stick to the previously released volumes?

The Show

The shorts on this DVD start with...

  1. Lightning Strikes
    After Beavis and Butthead learn about Benjamin Franklin's famous kite experiment, they decide to try it on their own.
  2. A Very Special Episode
    While walking to Las Vegas... Huh? While walking, Beavis and Butthead see a baby bird fall out of a tree. A passer-by drives them to the animal hospital so they can get the baby bird some help.
  3. Die Fly, Die!
    A fly invades their house, so they decide to kill it, with weapons. When they break out the hedge trimmer, you know their plan has flaws.
  4. Stewart Is Missing
    When their "friend" Stewart goes missing, his mom comes to Beavis and Butthead looking for help to find him. Amazingly, they don't turn out to be much help.
  5. Close Encounters
    In a last ditch attempt to get Beavis and Butthead on the right track, the principal forces them to go to a encounter group to express their feelings.
  6. Nosebleed
    One of the pair, Beavis, gets a nosebleed, and they try and stop it. Since they are both morons, it doesn't go well.
  7. Plastic Surgin’
    Beavis and Butthead decide to get penis enlargement surgery, but the doctor thinks they are talking about nose jobs.
  8. Tired
    Upon acquiring a really large tire, they roll it up a hill and and then Beavis gets in and he rolls all the way down. It's as dangerous a journey as you would imagine.
  9. Candy Sale
    Beavis and Butthead have to sell candy bars to raise money for their school. That sounds like too much work, so they just buy each others candy bars, with the same $2 over and over again.
  10. Date Bait
    While going to the movies, Beavis and Butthead meet two women who appear to be interested in them.
  11. Animation Sucks
    It's art class, and Beavis and Butthead are learning how to do animation. It turns out to be a lot of work.
  12. Impotence
    Beavis and Butthead think they might be impotent, because they can't score with women. When they head over to a clinic, they prove to be a couple of difficult cases.
  13. Beaverly Buttbillies
    After watching Beverly Hillbillies, the pair decide to dig for oil in the backyard. They strike something, but it's not oil.
  14. Sexual Harassment
    When Beavis and Butthead learn people sue for millions of dollars for sexual harassment, they try and sue a fellow student, cause she's really hot.
  15. Prank Call
    When the new phone book arrives, the pair decide to make prank phone calls to a man called "Harry Sacks". And they don't just prank him that night, but for a full month.
  16. Substitute
    After their teacher hurts himself while trying to do yoga in class, they get a substitute, who is determined to reach the kids in the short time they have together. Beavis and Butthead prove to be hard to reach.
  17. Follow Me
    Beavis starts saying everything Butthead says.
  18. Bus Trip
    Hey, there's Daria. Beavis and Butthead have trouble obeying the rules while on the bus for a field trip.
  19. Safe House
    Todd Ianuzzi, the criminal Beavis and Butthead admire, needs a place to crash while avoiding the police, so he comes to their house and bosses them around.
  20. The Great Cornholio
    After Beavis eats too much sugar, he turns into The Great Cornholio, his hyperactive alter-ego.

The Extras

There are three extras on the DVD, including an hour-long making of documentary and the original uncut Frog Baseball short. Both of those are from the previous DVD releases. The only thing new for this DVD is five minutes of scenes from the new incarnation of the show. I have to say, the new show looks a whole lot better than the old one.

The Verdict

Beavis & Butthead: Mike Judge's Most Wanted has a good collection of shorts and a lot of extras for this type of release. However, there's simply not enough new to be worth the double-dip if you own Volumes One, Two, and Three.

On a side note, while watching this DVD I was wishing they would remake Daria, but they kind of have. It's called Awkward. Hopefully that DVD comes out soon.

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