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Featured DVD Review: Craig Ferguson: Does This Need to Be Said

October 15th, 2011

Craig Ferguson: Does This Need to Be Said - Buy from Amazon

Does This Need to Be Said is Craig Ferguson's second stand-up concert released on DVD. I reviewed the first one, A Wee Bit o' Revolution, and recommended buying it. So will this measure up to its predecessor? Will it also be worth picking up?

The Set

After a musical introduction, Craig Ferguson gets right to the jokes. That's not quite true. He says he's going to tell a joke, but first explains there will be cussing and why it is important that he cusses. Then he moves into his usual confessional style of humor, discussing why he can't swear at home. His favorite swear word transitions into sex, specifically celebrity sex scandals, including an uncomfortable one about his boss. From there he moves into religion and politics, including an interesting theory regarding proof that God exists. He touches on how the internet hasn't made people meaner, just easier to be mean. (It includes some accusations that he stole his Scottish act, from Mike Myers.) He moves onto more confessional material, talking about alcoholism and ends the set with another musical number.

The set starts off with incredible energy and for a long stretch every joke hits its mark. This doesn't last forever, and around 40 minutes in his energy starts to wobble and the jokes become more hit and miss. (Making jokes about the Prius as a car seems like a strange target.) Even at the low point, he's still generating more laughs than not. It does pick up steam in the end and overall it is a very funny set.

The Extras

Extras include a 86-second clip of Craig Ferguson arriving in Nashville and a bunch of local fans welcoming him. Finally there's a 42-second rap performed by a fan on the street.

The Verdict

Craig Ferguson: Does This Need to Be Said is not quite as good as A Wee Bit o' Revolution was and the extras are a whole lot weaker. That said, it is still worth checking out when it airs tonight, the 15th of October, and worth buying when it hits DVD on the 18th.

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