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Featured DVD Review: LeapFrog: 3-DVD Learning Collection

October 31st, 2011

LeapFrog: 3-DVD Learning Collection - Buy from Amazon

This is not the first LeapFrog collection I've reviewed. Like the last time around, the box set contains three previously released DVDs plus a bonus. Does that mean it's also worth picking up?

The Movie

The box set starts with...

  1. The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park
    Fiona the Florist calls Tad and Lily with an emergency. Her sign is missing the letter F, so now it reads, "Lowers" not "Flowers". It turns out their new puppy, Scout, has been going around town and stealing people's letters. They promise to give all the letters back, but first they have to learn which letter is which. Fortunately, Edison the firefly is there to help teach them and he knows just where to take them, The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park.
    Extras on this DVD include a sing-along mode, a trio of bonus songs and info for parents about the curriculum.
  2. Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory
    Lily is directing Tad and the rest of her friends in a play doing the Three Little Pigs. However, Tad is having problems reading his lines, because he hasn't learnt to read very well, so he quits the play. When Mr. Websley sees they are doing that play, he decides to make a talking storybook read by kids, and he wants Tad to be the star. But will Tad be ready for his big performance?
    Extras on this DVD include a storybook, which can be watched in one of two ways (read out loud or reading it yourself) and a sing-along for five songs.
  3. Numbers Ahoy
    I thought I reviewed this DVD previously. Tad and Lily are trying to choose a game to play and they find Numbers Ahoy, which is Leap's game. (Leap is their older brother.) Leap tries to explain how to play the game while he's looking for his skateboard, but Tad and Lily haven't learnt the numbers yet, so it's really confusing, and frustrating. Just when it looks like they will have to give up, Edison shows up to teach them about numbers.
    Extras on this DVD include sing-along for four song and three bonus songs. (One of these bonus songs, "Being a Puppy", is the same as the first DVD.)

The Extras

The bonus for the box set is a 16-page storybook that teaches kids how to read, specially focusing on short vowel sounds.

The Verdict

Like the previous box set, LeapFrog: 3-DVD Learning Collection is essentially buy two DVDs and get the other DVD and the bonus for free. If you don't have any of them, but your kids are fans of the franchise, it is certainly worth picking up.

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