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International Box Office: Puss Boots Twilight out of Top Spot

December 15th, 2011

For the first time in four weeks, we had a new number one film on the international chart, as Puss In Boots continued its climb reaching top spot. It expanded into 16 additional markets, including a handful of major ones. This propelled it into first place with $47.06 million on 6,749 screens in 40 markets for a total of $143.72 million, which is just over what it has made domestically. The film's biggest debuted was Germany, where it earned top spot with $6.88 million on 680 screens, including previews. It was even more impressive in Brazil with $5.56 million on 738 screens, also including previews. Brazil is more of an emerging market than a major market, so the fact that it generated more revenue than its openings in either Australia ($4.03 million on 507 screens, including previews) or in the U.K. ($3.07 million on 510) is quite stunning. With debuts in Italy, Japan, and other markets ahead of it, not to mention the Christmas holiday, it could double what it currently has internationally, which would lift its worldwide total over $400 million.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 was well back in second place with $19.8 million on 7,800 screens in 73 markets for a total of $374 million internationally and $633 million worldwide. It's coasting on holdovers at the moment (it doesn't open in Japan till February), but should still have enough to become the biggest hit in the franchise internationally, if not worldwide.

Arthur Christmas jumped from seventh to third place with $15.09 million on 7,681 screens in 63 markets for a total of just $58.57 million after a month of release. This past week it debuted in second place in Russia with $3.43 million on 780 and in Mexico with $861,000 on 859. On the other hand, it struggled in Spain earning fifth place over the weekend with $964,000 on 500 screens, while it had a total opening of $1.39 million.

New Year's Eve debuted in fourth place with $12.9 million on 2,765 screens in 36 markets. This includes Australia, where it earned second place with $2.67 million on 336, which is better than it performed here, relatively speaking. It had to settle for third place in the U.K. with just a hair under $2.00 million on 431, while it placed fourth in Germany with $1.48 million on 403 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $1.76 million.

Happy Feet Two added $10.1 million on 6,830 screens in 47 markets for a total of $49.2 million internationally. Its only major opening came from France, but it bombed there placing sixth with just $1.21 million on 540 screens.

Speaking of France, Intouchables reached the century mark in its native country with $8.95 million on 839 screens over the weekend for a total of $106.60 million after six. It remained in first place in that market, while internationally it slipped to sixth place with $10.05 million on 910 screens in three markets for a total of $114.71 million.

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn was a little further behind in eighth place with $8.00 million on 5,684 screens in 51 markets for a total of $234.14 million internationally. It has yet to open in Australia or Brazil, not to mention a few smaller markets, and should reach $250 million internationally before it does. It has also yet to open domestically, but I'm a lot less optimistic about its chances here. The box office slump is just too great to be optimistic about any film's chances.

One last note, Immortals reached $100 million internationally over the weekend and now sits at $102 million. It is not quite done its international run and by the time it finishes in Spain and Brazil at the end of the month, it could be at $200 million worldwide.


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