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Crazy Time for Limited Releases

January 8th, 2010

While this is not a great time of year to release a wide release, it is arguably the worst time of year to release a limited release. Not only is it too late to qualify for the Oscars, but the competition is still very intense from all the Oscar hopefuls that just came out. There are still a few limited releases on this week's list, but most are not earning good reviews. (And a couple haven't earned any reviews.)

Bitch Slap - Reviews
An homage / parody of the exploitation flicks from years past. Three woman from vastly different backgrounds team up to try and swindle a crime boss, but things don't go as planned. Things never go as planned in movies like this. Reviews are weak and this is a movie aimed at a decidedly niche market, one that doesn't normally go to art house cinemas. Bitch Slap opens tonight in three theaters, one each in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, as well as video-on-demand. The last of these will likely spell doom for the film's box office chances, but it should find a more receptive audience when it is released on DVD.

Crazy on the Outside - No Reviews
Tim Allen's directorial debut has him in the starring role as a man just out of prison who has to deal with his family. It has an impressive cast, most of whom have worked with Allen in the past. However, there are no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and the film's theater count is way too high for this type of release. It might surprise, but the evidence suggests its box office chances are slim to none. Crazy on the Outside opens tonight in 74 theaters, but that is very likely as wide as it will go.

Pyaar Impossible - No Reviews
The latest Bollywood release here is a romantic comedy starring Uday Chopra, who also wrote the film. The star power might help, but it could be harmed by the competition from 3 Idiots. Pyaar Impossible opens tonight in 29 theaters, which is lower than many similar films.

Waiting for Armageddon - Reviews
A documentary about a segment of the Christian right-wing population of the United States that believes we are in the final days of creation. It's scary in a number of ways, including the political ramifications. (If you believe the world will end in your lifetime, there's no reason to world about long-term environmental damage that will harm your grandchildren, for instance.) So far the reviews are strong, but it might be a hard film to sell to the average person. Waiting for Armageddon opens tonight at the Cinema Village in New York City.

Wonderful World - Reviews
An Indie Dramedy that stars Matthew Broderick as a children's performer that has long since given up caring about his craft. The reviews are very weak with most critics putting the blame on the script, which is just too thin to sustain the movie. Also, if feels way too similar to The Visitor, which was a vastly better movie. There are some good performances in the film, however. Wonderful World opens tonight in five theaters, mostly in the Los Angeles area.


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