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Less than 44 Limited Releases

January 15th, 2010

One of the worst weekends to release a limited release, because not only is there incredible competition in the form of Oscar hopefuls that were recently released, but also the Golden Globes is on Sunday. This has limited the list of limited releases to just three films, none of which are domestic productions. One of them isn't even playing in the States.

44 Inch Chest - Reviews
Ray Winstone stars as a British gangster who, along with the help of his friends, kidnaps his wife's lover to get some revenge. The film has an impressive cast, but the reviews are only mixed and there have been a lot of similar films released over the years. That said, if you are a fan of the genre, then it is likely worth checking out. 44 Inch Chest opened tonight at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles.

Fish Tank - Reviews
The second British film on this week's list. This one stars newcomer Katie Jarvis as Mia, a 15-year old whose family life is hell. That changes when her mom's new boyfriend takes an interest in her. He becomes a little too interested in her, which leads to a lot of the same problems as in the film above. This is writer / director Andrea Arnold's follow-up to Red Road, which won numerous awards. And this film might end up winning more. It's an amazing start to a career. Fish Tank opens tonight in two theaters: IFC Center and Lincoln Plaza Cinema in New York City.

High Life - Review
A Canadian film set in the early 80s about an ex-con whose former cellmate gets him fired from his first straight job, so he decides to rob a bank... or at least rob an ATM. However, his team of "professionals" are not professional, and as soon as things start going south, they stop acting like a team. The film stars Timothy Olyphant, Joe Anderson, Stephen Eric McIntyre, and Rossif Sutherland. There are not that many reviews online, but all of the ones I've seen were positive. Three stars out of five is the weakest review I saw. It will likely struggle to find an audience up here, as most Canadian films languish without proper promotion, but it is worth checking out. High Life opens tonight at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto and the Silver City in Winnipeg, before expanding into Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver on the 29th.


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