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Featured TV on DVD Review: Go Diego, Go!: Lion Cub Rescue

January 24th, 2010

Go Diego, Go!: Lion Cub Rescue - Buy from Amazon

Go Diego, Go! is a show aimed at pre-school kids that helps teach its audience about animals while throwing in the odd Spanish word or phrase. It's part of a wave of similar shows that use repetition and interactivity to help kids learn. There have been more than a dozen Diego DVDs released since the show began in 2005, so there's little need for a long setup. Let's jump right into the episodes. Starting with...

  1. Welcome Home Lion Cub
    Diego is at an animal preserve and has to help a lion cub and his father to get back to their pride. But they need help finding their way there and avoiding any dangers that they might stumble across, whether those dangers are a trap or a fast moving river.
  2. Diego's Ringed Seal Rescue
    Traveling to the arctic, Diego goes to a ringed seal rescue home. However, after listening to the seals singing about how much they love the rescue home, they have to rescue a baby seal that is being stalked by a polar bear.
  3. Diego Reunites Hippopotamus and Oxpecker
    First a tip... never stand that close to a hippo. They are aggressive and very, very dangerous. They have a reputation for being gentle giants, but the truth is far from it. ... moving on. In this episode we learn about the symbiotic relationship between hippopotamuses and the little birds that travel on their backs. But when a new development forces the hippos to move, Diego must help the little bird make the trip.
  4. Deigo's Orangutan Rescue
    While in Borneo, Diego finds a baby orangutan. Or more accurately, a baby orangutan finds him. After playing "Follow the Leader" more orangutans show up, but that's when the trouble starts and one of them accidentally floats away on Diego's boat.
There are no extras on the DVD, but this is quite common for Nick, Jr. releases.

The Verdict

Go Diego, Go! is a member of the "Ask and Pause" genre of pre-school shows and it relies heavily on repetition to aid in learning. However, it is not as repetitive of some of the other shows in the genre, like Dora the Explorer, for instance. (This is partially due to the slightly older target demographic.) With four new adventures, and songs go with them, Lion Cub Rescue is solid value for the money.

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