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Avatar Tops $200 million on IMAX

February 24th, 2010

Over the weekend, Avatar earned $4.3 million on 179 IMAX screens domestically and $3.9 million on 84 screens internationally, which helped push its worldwide total past the $200 million mark. To put this in perspective, the previous record for DMR releases was $71 million, earned by The Polar Express. This is great news for the film, but better news for IMAX, as it is still expanding internationally. The movie's strong showing will go a long way in convincing more theater owners to add IMAX screens in the future.

Up next for IMAX is Alice in Wonderland and Hubble 3D, both of which debut next month. The summer blockbuster season starts with Iron Man 2, which should also be a hit on IMAX.



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