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DVD Sales: New Releases Are It

February 24th, 2010

Four new releases reached the top 30 on this week's sales chart; however, they finished in the four top spots. Leading the way was Michael Jackson's This Is It with 1.51 million units sold and $24.22 million in consumer spending at retail. Surrogates opened in second place with 309,000 units, but its opening week sales of $5.26 million is below already low expectations after it struggled theatrically. Saw VI was third with 220,000 units / $3.74 million during its first week on the home market, more or less in line with expectations given its box office run. Likewise, Whip It opening week sales of 154,000 / $2.77 million were in line with its theatrical run. The Hangover was the only holdover in the top five, adding 141,000 units to take its running tally to 7.52 million units sold and lift its sales to $142.34 million.

Blu-ray sales grew by 8.7% from last week to $21.1 million, according to estimates by Home Media Magazine, which was 106% higher than the same weekend last year. The best-selling Blu-ray of the week was Michael Jackson's This Is It, which sold an estimated 320,000 units, while Surrogates sold just under 100,000.


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