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Featured TV on DVD Review: Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye?

March 6th, 2010

Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye?- Buy from Amazon

The latest single-disc release for Hannah Montana asks the question, "Miley Says Goodbye?" as if this could be the end to the most famous secret identity pop star. Even without seeing any of the episodes on this DVD, I can confidently predict that Disney won't kill the show as long as it's still making money, at least not in a way that closes all doors on the franchise. That said, while the title might be marketing hype, there are five to seven episodes on this DVD (depends on how you count the two-parters) starting with...

  1. You Never Give Me My Money
    Miley is getting older and feels she is more responsible and wants a raise in her allowance. When her father relents, she has to learn to control herself and not make any foolish purchases. I never make any stupid purchases. Everything I buy is 100% necessary... including the $75 I recently spent on GIANTmicrobes®. What? I bought giant dust mites to scare away all the real dust mites in my house, because I'm allergic. I can't see how this plan could fail.
  2. Papa's Got a Brand New Friend
    After accidentally injuring her choreographer, Hannah has to get a temporary replacement. When the new choreographer doesn't work out, she has to fire him. This is made more complicated since her father and him have become friends. Meanwhile, Oliver has a new girlfriend who is way too much for him. He needs to break up with her and enlists Jackson's help, since no one knows more about losing girlfriends than Jackson.
  3. Promma Mia
    It's Prom Season and while Lilly and Oliver are going together, Miley doesn't have a date. When she finally gets a date, he's not quite as hunky as she would have hoped. She decides to use her secret identity as Hannah to come up with a convenient excuse to break their date. Meanwhile, Jackson is scared to return to college, so Robbie tries to help him make the transition.
  4. He Could Be the One: Part 1 & 2
    Miley's back to dating Jake. Oh geez. I hate Jake. He is just too annoying. Can I skip this one? No. Fine. So Miley's back to dating Jake, but all the time she spent insulting him made Robbie hate him. So Miley comes up with a plan: she'll pretend to date her guitarist, whom Robbie hates even more. Thus, Jake will look good by comparison. You can guess how this plan ends.
  5. Miley Says Goodbye?: Part 1 & 2
    This is the two-part season finale, the first part airing on this Sunday and the next part airing next Sunday. Being able to see the season finale on DVD before it airs on TV is a major selling point to this DVD. Miley's having recurring dreams about Tennessee and giving up her pop star life by going home. Jackson wants to move out into his own life. Also, Oliver is going out on tour, but that means he'll have to leave Lilly behind. He's not sure he can take it.
Extras include an alternate ending to He Could Be the One, which just reverses the ultimate decision she makes. There are two extras in the Backstage section, the first is an 8-minute featurette with Brandi Cyrus interviewing the cast and giving a behind-the-scenes tour. The second is You Never Give Me My Money with a pop-up trivia track. The DVD also comes with a Hannah Montana picture frame. That's more extras than most similar TV on DVDs have.

The Verdict

While the name, Miley Says Goodbye? is pure marketing hype (Season Four of Hannah Montana is scheduled to begin at the end of the year), the latest DVD release packs a lot more episodes than previous ones did, and at the same price. The show might be over-the-top at most times, but fans will certainly want to pick up the latest DVD.

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