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DVD Sales: Couple New Releases Top Chart

March 10th, 2010

There were plenty of new releases spread throughout the top 30 on this week's sales chart. Leading the way was Couples Retreat with 1.36 million units sold, generating $21.79 million in opening week sales. The Time Traveler's Wife placed second with 783,000 units / $12.75 million for the week, which is on par with Couples Retreat, given the two films' relative performances in theaters. Zombieland was pushed to third place with 347,000 units for the week, giving it totals of 1.23 million units and $20.10 million. The film was in second place in terms of Blu-ray sales. Michael Jackson's This Is It placed fourth, with 337,000 units / $5.38 million for the week and 2.36 million units / $37.70 million after three. This makes it the best selling DVD of 2010, so far. The Hangover climbed back into the top five with 196,000 units / $3.43 million for the week for a total of 7.85 million units / $148.09 million after two months of release.

There were plenty of other new releases to chart this week, with The Stepfather just missing the top five at 154,000 units / $2.93 million. The Penguins of Madagascar Operation: DVD Premier opened in ninth place with 117,000 units / $1.40 million, which is good for this type of release. Another similar release, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Bow-Tique, opened in 12th place with 74,000 units / $958,000 during its opening week of sales. Right behind was A Serious Man with 68,000 units / $1.28 million. A 13th place debut is strong for a limited release. Emma opened in 21st place with 55,000 units / $1.22 million, which is strong for a TV mini-series. The final new release to chart was JAG: The Final Season, which placed 24th with 50,000 units. Thanks to the hefty "TV on DVD" pricing, it placed ninth with $2.02 million in opening week sales.

Blu-ray sales were relatively flat again, down about $1 million to $20.2 million. This total is up 87% from the same weekend last year. Couples Retreat led the way with 320,000 units sold. Zombieland was in second place with 125,000 units, while The Time Traveler's Wife earned third with close to 90,000 units sold.


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